From long awaited returns from seminal UK rappers to progressive indie rock and characterful R&B, this week’s list is stacked!

J Hus – “It’s Crazy”

The dark prince of UK rap has returned! One of the most anticipated comebacks in the history of UK rap, Hus’ surprise new single “It’s Crazy” marks a huge moment for the scene, and the song itself certainly doesn’t disappoint. Leading away from the groove-laden afro-infused sound of his two earlier LP’s, this song feels like Hus flaunting just how good of a rapper he is. Flaunting his technical prowess with incredible flow and poise, and outrageous and ingenious lyricism, this is a stand out rap cut from this year, and leaves us hungry for the long-awaited third album from one of Britain’s most undeniable anti-hero’s.

Róisín Murphy – “The Universe”

A true powerful of the industry, Róisín Murphy is full of surprises. Taken from her forthcoming DJ Koze produced LP Hit Parade, the singer-songwriter has shared her latest sun-kissed swooner, “The Universe”, with beautifully encompassing production and characterful vocals shining through. Psychedelic, expressive and encapsulating, this is an incredible artist at the very top of her game. We can’t wait for the album.

Ragz Orignale – “radio silence”

We’ve been blessed with the glorious news of Ragz Originale’s debut album, Bare Sugar, set for release 30th June! One of the coolest artists around, Ragz has been serenading listeners with his slick solo material and impressive production credits for some time now, but the news of his first solo LP is the most exciting update yet. Alongside the announcement, the singer has dropped a typically slick single. “radio silence” sees Ragz flaunting his vocal range, hazy production and enticing songwriting.

M Huncho – “Crazy Titch”

The master of UK wave is back with another offering of raw translucence. Celebrating his independence after being tied down by a deal for the foreseeable past, the track, entitled “Crazy Titch”, sees Hunch step further out into his own lane than ever before. The production is slick but hazy, with the artist’s unforgettable tone peering through the cloudy soundscape, as he reflects on his impressive rise from nothing to stardom.

Sad Night Dynamite – “Sick Of Your Sound”

Amongst the most explorative, striking acts that you will hear in today’s industry, Sad Night Dynamite don’t sound like anyone else. Having gained critical acclaim and public adoration of the past few years, the group are now back with another barnstorming effort, “Sick Of Your Sound”. It’s a crafted, challenging and charismatic number inspired by genres far and wide – from ska to DnB to agit-pop, with the band delving into the confusion of the media-centric modern world. Make sure to check out the surreal visuals too!

Nemzzz – “Fenty Beauty”

One of the most charismatic spitters currently residing in the scene, Nemzzz is a slick Mancunian rapper bringing a different energy to UK rap. The rising star has just released his debut EP, entitled Nemzzz Type Beat, with an accompanying visual for its lead single, “Fenty Beauty” Further exploring the sound that has becoming uniquely his, on “Fenty Beauty” thee rapper explores his decisions and outlook over a crisp, bouncy instrumental, his instantly recognisable Manny tones riding the beat effortlessly.

Aby Coulibaly – “Patience”

Irish soulstress Aby Coulibaly is an inescapable name in the burgeoning soul scene. Every release feels thought through, pinpointed. On her incredible new single “Patience”, her deft but dreamy voice and silky, sultry production enters you into her sonic universe, with her lyricism delving through romanticism and escapism taking you away from reality and into the stunning seclusion she is residing in. With a body of work on route, we are fully immersed in the talent and journey of Aby Coulibaly.

Genesis Owusu – “Leaving The Light”

Ghanian-Australian Genesis Owusu is back with the first single from his sophomore album. “Leaving The Light” is a dynamic, poetic melting pot of sound and style, an exploration of timbre, tone and rhythm, an insight into the intriguing artist progression of a forward-thinking enigma.

Fredwave – “LA LA”

British producer, songwriter and artist Fredwave returns to the soundsphere with his first release of the year, “LA LA”. The Londoner’s distinctive style and unique production techniques surface with a skippy, hyper-imaginative drum and bass instrumental, the languid keys and tipsy, synth-infused grooves provide pockets for his unique vocals to dance between. Continuing the blend of sonic innovation and blunt lyricism that has cemented the North London talent as one of the most recognised names in the scene, Fred’s new offering looks set to continue to garner serious attention around the elusive, precocious talent.

La Shana Latrice – “My Everything”

Birmingham-raised, Virginia-based talent La Shana Latrice continues her euphoric search for enlightenment across her stunning new EP Faith. Embodying dream-like vibrations that mirror an intimate sense of sincerity and vulnerability, her latest body of work instantly defines herself as one of the most exciting artists across the R&B scene. Laced with enriched sonics expanding across contemporary gospel and soul, La Shana gleefully flirts with the cathartic sound waves delivered by highly-acclaimed producer Reginald “Regg” Smith. With a stunning music video for lead track “My Everything” that perfectly encapsulates the angelic textures, La Shana is trailblazing a new path in alternative R&B, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Master Peace – “Brussels”

From up-comer to mainstay, this year has seen Master Peace cement his seat within the upper echelons of UK indie. Fresh single “Brussels” is the latest indicator of Peace’s forward-thinking approach and soaring talent, with the vibrant offering an indication of the continuing evolution of the singer-songwriter and his undeniable style.

Alice Auer – Baby Cry

London-based singer-songwriting breathes life into gorgeous arrangements with her swooning vocals. Across her new EP Baby, Cry, Auer dazzles with her soaring vocal and emotionally potent lyrical approach. Made in collaboration with Conor Albert, James Smith and Seth Tackaberry, the EP is a confident and candid exploration of self, and reeseres Auer’s seat at the table of UK jazz.

Miller Blue – 4 Degrees of Separation

Crooning R&B singer-songwriter Miller Blue has released his latest EP 4 Degrees of Separation, a fluid, kaleidoscopic and meticulous body of work that suggests there is no roof to his artistic progression. Sonically diverse and lyrically nuanced, the EP is the multi-talents most impressive work to date; soulful and jazz-laden, we hear Miller in vulnerability, in introspect and in hope, with the subtle gusto of his dazzling musicality shining through.

Trout – “Gutter”

Liverpool’s Trout unveils their latest dynamic single, “Gutter”. Born to an Iranian father and Britsh mother but spending much of their childhood in Copenhagen, there is an eclectic musically to Trout’s style, which is showcased effortlessly on this new cut. An indie rock masterclass, there is an air of wistfulness to Trout’s proclamations, as they serenade the energetic instrumental, delivering a performance brimming with characterful deity.

Stella Talpo – “GOOD GIRLS”

Having emerged over the last few years with a smooth and sultry strand of alternative R&B, rising soulstress Stella Talpo is back with a revamped sound that flaunts her artistic progression. Turning towards a grit-laden, avant garde approach, new single “GOOD GIRLS” sees Talpo questioning the patriarch over striking instrumentation. With her debut album on the way, we’re excited to hear more of this new direction for Stella.

Dabieh ft. Niels – “somebody to love”

South-East London innovator Dabieh is a serious creative force. His latest cut “somebody to love.” emerges as another flourishing ode to expression and self-realisation. Laced with heavy-set baselines and vibrant funk textures, the Cloud X founder and executive producer recruits Swiss-French superstar Niels who flexes his dream-like falsetto with typical elegance. Displaying a true synergy fully immersed in summer vibrations, the dynamic duo explore ideologies of love and the endless chase that leaves us in a state of wonder. Set as the fourth and final offering taken from his hotly anticipated project release, Dabieh has rapidly become one of London’s most exciting creatives shining across the digital landscape.

Sofi de la Torre ft. PHABO – “4 Sure Sure”

Rising Spanish artist Sofi de la Torre is no newcomer to the landscape. Returning to the ether with her latest pop-fusion “4 Sure Sure”, Sofi effortlessly flows back and forth with soft, intimate touches delivered alongside R&B favourite PHABO. The two envision a complicated love interest, embodying the dazed connotations between love and lust. Igniting a passionate exploration for companionship and loyalty that intensifies the deeper they plead their true love. Emerging as the first instalment from her hotly anticipated four-part international release, Sofi’s rich musicality will no doubt reignite the heat surrounding one of the most exciting talents in the European landscape.

Miya Folick — “Shortstop”

Miya Folick’s new album, ROACH, is out now! The entire project is a dream, but the focus track “Shortstop” is our current obsession. The closing song on the album, it is an emotional masterpiece that truly highlights Miya’s musical and storytelling talent. A lyrical genius, Miya lets her words shine through layered vocals on top of intricate instrumentals. Just when you start to think you’re caught on to the structure of the song, it expands and surprises. Building and building, her voice echoes and remains singing in our ears long after the song ends.

Marci — “KITY (Keep It To Yourself)”

The summery disco-pop track “KITY (Keep It To Yourself)” is the latest offering from the timeless and exciting Marci. The solo project from Marta Cikojevic from the band TOPS, Marci released her debut self-titled album last year — and is finally back! “KITY” combines synth-pop beats and sincere, captivating vocals for a glittery, glowing sound. Describing its message, Marci explains it “is about being led into a situation without knowing the whole story — if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Frozemode — “Stick Dat”

Frozemode’s new single and video, “Stick Dat”, is here. The London-based alternative rap trio of I.V. GATLIN, Lisong, and Cho-Hollow are back with more beats, infectious melodies, and a glorious blend of pop and hip-hop sonics. You’ll be groovy up on your feet with this track, which shows the group experimenting even further, in both their sound and visuals.

KiD RAiN — “Half”

KiD RAiN has a new single out, but before it was even released, it had half a million views. Titled “Half”, the track has been building momentum after a clip went viral on TikTok, and finally, fans can hear the full song. His pop vocals shine as he sings lyrics detailing the in-betweens of life, such as balancing the transition from childhood to adulthood, and feeling torn between the fulfilment of a relationship and the fun of being single. Relatable and timeless, “Half” is full of honesty and charisma, as KiD RAiN realises he’s not alone while simultaneously validating others’ confusion and contrasting emotions. KiD RAiN says, “This song is for everyone that feels like they’re in a limbo spot in their life. It won’t help you get out of it, but it might make you feel better.”

Allie Crow Buckley — “I’m Not Really Here”

Allie Crow Buckley has a new album, and the focus track “I’m Not Really Here” is incredible. Her one-of-a-kind, captivating vocals shine amongst psychedelic sonic notes, as she takes us on a trip from start to finish on this indie, alt-pop treat. Mystical and intimate, it lands between other standouts such as the album’s lead single “Angel” and “Naked at the Feast”. Listen to the whole project, Utopian Fantasy, out now.

GIYA — “junk house”

South London’s GIYA releases another stellar offering of folk-pop. Titled “junk house”, it is the final single off of her new EP, and is a beautiful love letter to her old student house. As she sings about the home, and a summer spent there, she captures youth culture in an intimate personal account. Her vocals stand out as she grabs our hearts.