From augmentations of stellar albums to the next generation of UK rap, this week’s Wonderlist is a corker!

Rema – Raves & Roses Ultra

One of the biggest names in the flourishing Afro scene, Rema has written the latest chapter to his unwinding novel with a deluxe version of his incredibly debut album, Raves & Roses Ultra. Rising swiftly in his acclaim and impressively in his creative output, the singer-songwriter’s prolonged body of work is an amalgamation of depth, spirit and skill. A legacy augmented.

Louis Culture – “CITY”

One of the most dynamic, expressive and profound rappers currently plying their trade in the UK, Louis Culture is has made the leap from promising newcomer to established player. Last year saw the release of his impressive sophomore body of work When Life Presents Obstacle, a project that delved into the character and charisma of the artist. We’ve now been blessed with our first new music since the EP in the form of “CITY”, the latest example of his seemingly seamless artistic progression. Linking up once again with rising producer YAMA//SOTO, Culture delivers a flawless ode to the city that he has calls home, flirting with subtle garage influences and flaunting his slick lyrical nuance.

Rudimental – Home

When it comes to UK dance music, there aren’t many artists of higher esteem than Rudimental. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of their classic album Home – which features undoubted back-to-back bangers, the group have now released a special edition version of the seminal LP, with highlghts like “Waiting All Night” and “Feel The Love” still as essentially listenable as ten years ago.

Armani White – “SILVER TOOTH”

American rapper Armani White continues to rise through the ranks, implementing his individual approach into a thriving scene. Fresh from the news of a hotly anticipated new EP entitled CASABLANCO, White has unveiled “SILVER TOOTH”, a dynamic and engrossing, A$AP Ferg featuring, glimpse into the creative direction of one of the most exciting acts in the space.

blackwave. Jordan MacKampa – “champion”

Belgian hip hop duo blackwave. made a statement to the industry last year. Their sophomore album, no sleep in LA, was a triumphant effort that exceeded expectations, showcasing them as provoking, potent and pure entertainment. We’ve now been welcomed into the next chapter of their artistic journey in the shape of “champion”. Enlisting London musician Jordan Mackampa, the pair ride the wave of dreamy nostalgia, never shying away from emotional brevity, leaving us full of anticipation for the release cycle that will surely untangle before us in the coming months.

youngboy ft. Post Malone and The Kid LAROI – “What You Say”

Off of his new album, Youngboy drops a new music video for single “What You Say (ft. Post Malone and The Kid LAROI)”. His signature flow and mesmerising melodies are brought to the next level with his collaborators’ touches, as the trio experiments with fresh sounds. Stylistic, freeing, and attention-grabbing, the video features comic-effect visuals and trippy camerawork — perfectly fitting for the one-of-a-kind track.

Shelf Lives – “All The Problems”

Shelf Lives are musically extrovert, and we love it. With an EP set to be unveiled later this year, the duo deliver an amalgamation of electronica and punk that sounds like nothing you’ll have heard before. Often abrasive, the band opt for a more delicate and deft approach with this new single “All The Problems”, on which they take aim at the issues that line within masculinity, questioning but never judging, and taking us on a sonic escapade whilst doing so.

M-way – “WYD”

Nottingham rapper M’way turns up the furnace with his latest trap banger “WYD”. The artist, who has made his name through releases on the heavyweight UK rap platforms like GRM Daily and Mixtape Madness, brings a silky energy to his vocal performances, epitomised by this effortless new release. Giving an interesting perceptive to the classic one foot in, one foot out narrative, the Notts youngster encompasses us in the vitality of his persona, leaving us eager to see where the rapper creatively ends up.

Ricardo Gold – “PATIENCE”

Ricardo Gold is rapidly carving his own line across the underground. The South London-raised, Brighton-based rapper and producer demonstrates a clear creative impulse for cut-throat sound waves while embodying the cream of nostalgic UK rap. “PATIENCE” is another electric offering from an artist at his most comfortable. Flaunting his slick, melodic approach that sharply collides with familiar trap textures, Gold displays shining authenticity with crystal-clear imagery of street life, delivering bright silhouettes across the visuals that contrast his menacing sonics. With his forthcoming debut project on the way, Ricardo Gold will no doubt claim his spot as an exciting new prospect across the UK and beyond.

Lambrini Girls – “Lads Lads Lads”

Lambrini Girls are back with a new single, “Lads Lads Lads”, a powerful track about toxic masculinity. Featuring powerful guitars and vocals, the band shows their strength — combining important societal issues with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and hard rock instrumentals. Lambrini Girls are set to open for Iggy Pop, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll perform this hit on stage.

Aaron Taylor – Have A Nice Day

British soul musician Aaron Taylor released a 5-track EP, Have a Nice Day, capturing the highs and lows of everyday life. Bringing typically mundane topics into a package of feel-good R&B, the project lets listeners into a “day in the life” of Aaron. Warm and relatable, it brings comfort to its audience. Out now with a music video for the title track, it’s not to be missed.

MIA Wray – “Monster Brain”

Rising Australian artist Mia Wray released a beautiful tribute to the people who help us during our darkest times with her new single, “Monster Brain”. The new single is both personal and universal, highlighting the musician’s unparalleled vocal range with beautiful piano notes and a full-sound choir backing her. Compelling and emotional, Mia commands attention, putting her listeners in a full-body trance and reminding us that vulnerability is powerful.

Nicki Nicole – “qué le pasa conmigo?”

Argentine singer, songwriter, and rapper Nicki Nicole has released a new collaboration with Spanish rapper Rels B. Titled “qué le pasa conmigo?”, the track is self-reflective in its messages and atmospheric in its sound. With an accompanying music video that shows the two stars sharing the spotlight and vying for each other’s attention, “qué le pasa conmigo?” is not to be missed.


“Little Girl Gone”, the newest single from unapologetic singer Chinchilla, is an independent and authentic track. A contagious melody with lyrics born out of an exhaustion from feeling forced to always remain agreeable, the single embodies a natural, unglamorous chaos. After holding it in, Chinchilla lets all her rage out in a cathartic and mesmerising offering of female empowerment. “This song is the explosion that comes after people pleasing for too long,” she says. “It’s the most me song I’ve ever written.”

Tre. Charles – Currently

North Carolina musician and producer Tre. Charles released a new project, Currently., this week. Blending R&B and alt-pop sounds, the debut EP features singles “Stressin.” and “Lately.” and builds on their success. In an atmospheric and ambient project, Charles discusses important and relatable topics — from mental health to masculinity to societal pressures. With a powerfully vulnerable voice and intricate, soulful instrumentals, Currently. ticks all the boxes.

L Devine – “Push It Down”

Singer-songwriter L Devine has released the first single from her upcoming debut album. “Push It Down” begins with a soulful acoustic sound, before exploding into a heartbreak anthem — or as she calls it, a “situationship” anthem. Grunge-pop and introspective, it discusses the mental anguish that comes with suppressing emotions to match a partner’s nonchalance, all with a bit of humour. The sound mirrors this build up of emotion and sets the scene for an incredibly powerful project.

Jess Glyne – “Silly Me”

The multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Jess Glyne is back with a new single, “Silly Me”, following a three-year hiatus. As soulful and reflective as ever, the track is a mix of pop and blues with the powerful, ballad vocals she is known for. With a beautifully cinematic video, “Silly Me” explores learning from your mistakes and growing without being too hard on yourself. This song marks a new era of music ahead for the artist, including a long-awaited third studio album.


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