Låpsley, tendai, and Bad Boy Chiller Crew, clear the path for this week’s Wonderlist.


Brockhampton – “THE ENDING”

I’m not crying, you’re crying! It’s the beginning of the end for Boyband extraordinaire, Brockhampton, but their finale will undoubtedly be a grand one. “The Ending” music video drips in technicolor as Kevin Abstract belts some of the collective’s most intimate lyrics to date. It seems like the band wants no unfinished business, dropping bittersweet emotional bombs such as “I turned my friends into a business, into an empire” and sharing the history of Brockhampton from the early LA- years to their hard-luck breakup. We are all here for Brockhampton’s curtain call, check out “The Ending” above.

tendai – “Time In Our Lives”

At the tender age of 22, tendai has cemented his place in the UK music scene as someone to watch. Marching to the beat of his own drum, tendai rejects constrictions of genre – instead opting to carve his own sonic path. This new release, “Time In Our Lives”, is tender and raw; mellow guitars lilt alongside the young artist’s honey-like vocals. Dreaming up the visual concept himself, the music video centres around a performance – captured in a myriad of ways, like photography, sound, and memory. In tandem, a sensorial experience is created wherein we can feel the emotions of the “sensitive feelers” who rallied together to make the track.

Yunè Pinku – “Fai Fighter”

The Malaysian-Irish producer-songwriter blazes onto the scene with her soaring new single and music video “Fai Fighter.” Infused with hints of Euro trash and trance music, pulsating synths underpin her ethereal, syncopated vocals; what results is a euphoric sonic release. In the visuals, Pinku glides through water like a nymph while the track sparkles and shimmers from ear to ear. The rising artist’s fresh take on electronic music, coupled with her masterful producing talent make for a truly unparalleled sound. The future is now, and Yunè Pinku is at the helm.

Rudimental – “Break My Heart”

Signalling a new chapter for the band, “Break My Heart” focuses on the theme of reconnection. Full of the energy that first brought the band to prominence, the intrinsic spirit of the rave is ever present with this new release. Embracing a new age of renewal and focus, Rudimental is primed for a much-awaited return to the spotlight.

MEYY – “Blush”

London-based, Belgian-born rising star MEYY is one to have on your radar. Two years after the release of her first EP, the singer-songwriter is back with “Blush”, a digi-feel track blending whispered melodies, super-sweet vocals and R&B beats. With a killer aesthetic to match it, MEYY’s hypnotic daydreams are the sugary escape we all need.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew – “Renegade”

Bad Boy Chiller Crew bring the heat with nostalgic new track and music video, “Renegade”. Returning to their bassline roots, the fresh track features skillful wordplay and a commanding flow, all underpinned by a body-moving bass. In the accompanying music video, the Bradford-hailing trio draw the viewer into their bad-boy world of debauchery and mischief. You can tell that the boys had fun crafting this track, and that playful energy emanates through the screen, and into your ears.

Låpsley – “Hotel Corridors”

Låpsley’s new single, “Hotel Corridors”, is an atmospheric journey through the bewildering headspace of being a young 20-something. The British artist’s sensitive approach to lyricism is laid bare by palpitating ethereal synths, which are brought down to earth by a Garage inspired beat. Coupled with a similarly hazy music video, wherein Låpsley moves throughout a daunting mansion, electric blue light spills onto almost every scene. About the track she reflects, “Hotel Corridors is a metaphor for the unexpected twists and turns of your 20s,” Låpsley explains. “Some doors lead to new positive experiences, some take you to the start, others set you back further than you could imagine.”

Ash Olsen – “BORING!”

The Norwegian newcomer brings the thunder with booming new track “BORING!”. Flitting between a pop chorus, and Olsen’s commanding rap flow – what results is a blazing feat of excellence. Throughout, Olsen releases her frustration with “basic bitches” who have nothing more to offer than being, well – boring. The adrenaline fuelled music video features a high-speed getaway, with Olsen giving the metaphorical finger to the haters. The young artist is fresh on the scene, but we’re looking forward to seeing what she cooks up next.

Chinwe – “Paranoia”

East London’s Chinwe releases “Paranoia”, a track filled with celestial magic and laced with Chinwe’s soulful vocals and shimmering electronics. The song’s mantra is simple: don’t look behind because you won’t like what you see. A gentle reminder to find beauty and gratification in the present, instead of fixating on the troubles of the past, the song is undeniably an anthem for self-compassion. A perfect pick-me-up tune if we’ve ever heard it.

Jacana People – “Awara”

Electronic project Jacana People wins a spot in this week’s Wonderlist with a languourous ambient track, “Awara”. It’s tender and light, but also euphoric, rhythmic, and unshakably danceable. The vocal hook is the song’s focal point and a new experiment for the duo, who seem to be experiencing a musical change of pace.

“‘Awara’ relies on this feeling of new life, change, and growth but we wanted things to feel even brighter and more alive.” Jacana People explained. Head over to listen to the soft electronic textures of Awara!

The Moon – “AURA”

AURA is a six-piece body of work launching Compton-based singer The Moon’s musical career. It’s lavish, sensual, rich in R&B hints and polished, murky vocals. The Moon proves to be a very versatile artist, delivering quasi-poppy cuts such as “Signs”, followed by melancholic ballads whose melodies inch up to your core. This project is one to watch!

Santino Le Saint – “NO MORE ICONS?”

Santino Le Saint releases his highly anticipated EP – “NO MORE ICONS?”. An amalgamation of nostalgia and references to the golden era of icons through Santino’s conceptual lyricism, this album is perfect for when you’re lying in your bed late at night contemplating all your past decisions. The tracks explore the heart-wrenching pain of toxic relationships, and call on the listener to see the beauty in the broken. All in all, NO MORE ICONS? Is a must-hear fusion of rock, pop, and R&B.


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