Here is everything we know so far about Greta Gerwig’s latest project starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

Growing up, there was nothing we wanted more than a head full of perfectly laminated peroxide locks, a picture-perfect partner and to live in a pink plastic dream house. Being the quintessential figure of every toddler’s toy chest, we come from a generation that idolised Barbie — we played with her, we wanted to be her and we’d dress like her at any given opportunity.

Driving our childhood idol into the present, Margot Robbie slams on the gas of her pink convertible — playing the eponymous lead in Greta Gerwig’s new live-action feature, Barbie. Though we still have a year to go before the film is played across theatre screens, we couldn’t help but do a bit of digging ourselves to uncover the nitty gritty details of the reimagined Barbie world.

So to learn everything we know so far about Barbie, head below now…

The cast is explosive…

IG: @dualipa

IG: @dualipa

Considering we have kept a watchful eye on all things Barbie, it has almost become a full-time job to keep up with the casting updates. While Ryan Gosling will be joining Robbie as her not-so-plastic Ken, the pair will also be joined by America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon and Hari Nef. And, hot off the press just this morning, Barbie has also called upon the acting talents of Dua Lipa and Saoirse Ronan in a rumoured casting — the roles of which are still to be determined.

The plot might not just be plastic and parties…

IG: @dualipa

When rumours of a feature for Barbie were first announced, the world expected an idyllic setting of child-friendly antics to occur in front of a synthetic backdrop of blue skies and rose-tinted clouds. However, this vision became drastically different following the recruitment of Little Women filmmaker Greta Gerwig — who has a particular penchant for flipping expectations straight on their head.

Though not much else has been unveiled about the feature, the anticipation for its release has by no means simmered down. Due to hit theatres on July 21st 2023, we’ll be getting our kicks for now from streaming “Barbie Girl” — a track that apparently did not make the cut for the film.