Meet the BRIT School graduate who is building her own brand of awkward pop.


The weekend is upon us, and Belot is putting us in the right mood with her shimmering new single “Kiss You”. Dancing across a vibrant production, the “awkward pop” pioneer continues with her distinctive sound, layering it with uplifting synths and bright tones. Matching her catchy vocals with a bouncy bassline, the singer cheekily has fun with the single, and provides us with some well-needed feel-good pop.

Speaking about the new release, she said, “’Kiss You’ is about realising that you have feelings for your friend whilst they are dating someone else that you feel is wrong for them. You’ve been patiently waiting for them to catch up and realise that you’re the one for them! Secretly you are just hoping they’ll make the first move.”

Having released her debut EP “Electric Blue” last year, the BRIT School graduate has been spending her time honing in on her skills the past few months, gearing up for a follow-up project. Finally feeling as if it is ready, the singer sits down with us and lets us in on her creative process, finding her sound and how she’d love to collab with UPSAHL.

Check out her new single below and the interview…

Belot · Kiss You

How has growing up in London influenced your musical style?
I think it’s meant that I’ve had the luxury of going to gigs and discovering new artists from an extremely young age. One of the first gigs my mum took me to was Paul McCartney, in Hyde Park. It absolutely blew my mind and I remember being in awe and thinking that’s what I want to do. When I was a kid I’d do lots of workshops at the Roundhouse and meet fantastic writers and producers etc…Growing up around Camden, I got to be in the heart of chaos and culture and I loved every second of it! I’ve always had the privilege of being surrounded by those who inspire me and I assume that’s somehow made its way into the music, though I can’t pinpoint exactly how.

Who would you say is your biggest musical inspiration?
I could go on for hours about various artists that inspire me, but I will try to keep this as painless as possible for the readers. The closest I can narrow it down to is 3 artists, as I am weak. Right now these ladies are blowing my mind; Dua Lipa, Noga Erez, and UPSAHL. I absolutely love how Dua Lipa has coined her own musical style incorporating the funky synths of 80’s pop whilst also combining elements of 70’s disco. When ‘Future Nostalgia’ came out I remember listening to it from top to bottom with Max and then just sat there shocked at how much we loved each and every song. Noga Erez has this undeniable swag about her. She sort of raps/sings with nonchalant energy, similar to Chance the rapper whilst having the dirt and edge of FINNEAS and Billie Eilish. I just think the sound that she’s created is incredible and distinctive. I’ve been an UPSAHL fan for a long time, her lyrics are blunt and to the point and every time I listen to her music I’m always intrigued by her subject matter. I think she’s an extremely creative writer and writes about things that you don’t hear about often. As you can tell by my shameless gushing, all three of the wonderful artists inspire me, and how I write and produce.

Congratulations on the release of “Kiss You”, can you talk us through the production and recording process?
I had the pleasure of writing and co-producing “Kiss You” with my best friend and partner in crime Max Margolis. Max and I were hanging out and listening to music in my ex’s living room and he showed me a beat that he made, which was the beginning of “Kiss You” being birthed. Naturally, I started singing over it and the rest was history, it was one of those seamless processes that didn’t take very long at all. Once the song was written, Max and I tag-teamed the production and together made ‘Kiss you’ what you hear today.

What is the message that lies at the heart of the track?
At its core, “Kiss You” is about realising you have feelings for your friend; who is, unfortunately, dating someone that you know isn’t right for them (because it’s not you). The song is essentially you being like, would you hurry up and realise that we’re soul mates!

Your previous work has received a lot of industry attention and you have been given support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Spotify. How does it feel to have your music so warmly received?
It’s been an extremely rewarding and surreal ride thus far!. Writing the music is almost instinctive at this point. It’s more often than not something that I do without thinking too much. Once it’s done you’re sat there with a song and no bloody clue if anyone but your mum is going to be a fan. So when the music was warmly received outside of my gene pool, I was beside myself with excitement. I feel extremely lucky and grateful every day that the music is making an impact in any way at all. It’s a really special feeling! And yes I did wet myself when radio one played it…obviously.

Your music is production-heavy and filled with dance-worthy beats. How would you describe your sound?
If I had to try and form an appropriate diagnosis, I’d say it’s sort of dirty electronic funk-filled pop. My goal is for the songs to always feel direct and honest and the production to have some bite to it. I’m a sucker for using unconventional sounds and samples. For example, using a cough as a snare drum, or having samples that support the storyline of the song, for example, a line can say “walk out the door”’ and the beat underneath would be made of door slamming samples.

If you could collab with another artist, who would that be?
Once again a wonderfully difficult question! I’d love to collab with UPSAHL. I think she’s fabulously cool and her writing is brilliantly witty. I think that if we did end up in a session together we could write a song with a strange storyline and lots of humor. I’d hope to create something with a sexy edge, sort of Strokes energy meets dirty pop.

Have you got any exciting projects in the pipeline? Are there any that you are keen to start on?
Well, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell… but there are definitely many more exciting things to come. I’m always just excited to get to the studio and start writing! It will definitely be nice to start doing in-person studio sessions again. I think most of us musicians love being in a hub, where there are lots of shiny toys and buttons to explore. Another thing I’m incredibly excited to start working on is forming a live show. Like most musicians right now I’m absolutely itching to get back on stage and perform! Hopefully, in the near future, we’ll all be able to dance in the same room to some flashing light and share some sweat like we once did.


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