Enter spooky SZN the right way with our must-watch Halloween selects.

The Haunting of Bly Manor films to watch Netflix Halloween


The Haunting of Bly Manor films to watch Netflix Halloween

It feels like only yesterday that we started the new year and now spooky SZN is upon us – where did the time go? If you’re staying in this Halloween like majority of us, we’ve got you sorted with the likes of Candyman and The Haunting of Bly Manor for this year’s fright night.

Check out the list below…

The Boy

Old fashioned porcelain dolls are creepy as it is, so imagine when you’re tasked with being its nanny. Yes, a nanny for a doll. Starring Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans, this spooky thriller follows an American nanny who is hired to take care of a doll named Brahms, but all isn’t as it seems when the doll comes alive. With exploding mirrors and terrifying revelations – hide your dolls because this thriller will leave you shook.

The Witch

A24 and Anya Taylor-Joy? You already know you’re going to have nightmares about this one. Dubbed her breakout role, Taylor-Joy stars as a curious daughter of an English settler, Thomasin, who is accused of being a witch when her younger brother is killed in the forest one day while they are out together. But when situations start to build and the accusations begin pouring in, tensions rise within the family and we’re left shooketh with the result.


With the Jordan Peele remake being pushed back till 2021 due to COVID *sobs*, Netflix are keeping us sweet this Halloween with the original 1992 thriller. Following the urban legend of the Candyman, who can be summoned by saying his name five times to a mirror, college student Helen decides to investigate the mystery behind the bloody hooked killer. But of course, curiosity leads to consequences and Helen is left with more than what she bargained for. With gruesome scenes and hair-raising moments, watching this thriller will have you covering your mirror for days.


Netflix knew that it couldn’t be Halloween without classic supernatural horror Insidious, and while we’ve all sat and cowered behind pillows for many horrors, this film trumps all. When an all-American picture-perfect family move to a new house, an unexplainable situation leads the son to a coma. Months later, with the child still asleep, paranormal activity begins to occur throughout the home and income famous psychic Elise (Lin Shaye) to save the day – or so we think… Taking us through a rollercoaster of astral planes, red-faced demons and parasitic spirits, this thriller is not for the faint-hearted.


So we have quite a few gory horrors on this list, but it’s time to make way for the psychological thrillers with 2018 partially real-life inspired flick CAM. Produced by the pioneers of horror and thriller Blumhouse productions, CAM takes us through the life of Alice Ackerman who works as camgirl under the name “Lola_Lola.” Obsessed with her online ranking to become number one on the site, Ackerman begins to fall victim to a supernatural doppelgänger who takes over her channel and begins to impersonate the camgirl. Quickly, the film takes us through a cat and mouse game of hidden identities, manipulative co-workers and the all-important number one spot.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Introducing Netflix’s latest addictive horror series is Mike Flanagan’s supernatural horror The Haunting of Bly Manor. Now we know what your thinking, old manor houses equals nothing but bad vibes and creaky stairways, but this series adds its own spin that’ll leave you sleeping with the light on. The story takes us through a young governess hired by a man to take on his niece and nephew at the country house. But with hidden secrets on how the previous governess “died” and the children knowing a lot more then they let on, this thriller will shake you to the core.


Adopting children is one of the most gracious things a person can do, but not when the child turns out to be a demon in disguise. Having lost their unborn child, Kate and John Coleman decide to adopt 9-year-old Russian girl Esther from their local orphanage. But when strange occurrences begin to happen around Esther, all is not as it seems. With a building storyline that ultimately results with a shocking revelation, we suggest grabbing the popcorn and strapping yourself in for a bumpy ride.


If you want something unexpected and unimaginable, then A24’s Midsommar is for you. Directed by Ari Aster, this cult-like thriller transports us to a tranquil and harmonious Swedish village where Dani, Mark, Jack, Christian and Josh, join their college friend Pelle for a midsummer family celebration. What starts off as idyllic, quickly takes a turn for the worse when the group witness a horrifying Ättestupa (sites where ritual senicide took place during Nordic prehistoric times) and they soon realise they are at the clutches of a pagan cult. While there are so many shocking and terrifying moments in this film, we can’t give away to much because this is something you have to experience for yourself – watch at your own risk…


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