Manchester’s latest hotel is the perfect city-center refuge for guests and locals alike.

Locke Hotels has unveiled Whitworth Locke, its 160-studio aparthotel in the heart of Manchester its most ambitious venue to date, Whitworth Locke, in the heart of Manchester.

Standing on the cite of a former cotton mill, the venue is stunningly designed by New York architects and designers Grzywinski+Pons, the considered aesthetic intended to reflect the Manchester’s industrial past and progressive present, with lux interiors, textiles and colourways combining with various delicacies – sage, taupe’s, apricots and terracotta – to create an exciting and eclectic feel. Each studio and suite has been designed to revolve around Locke’s designer living spaces, resulting in a fascinating and uniquely modern take on the designer aspirational second home, with bespoke bathrooms and fully-fitted kitchens, ideal for both short and longer stays.

Hosting Manchester’s renowned Foundation Coffee, Whitworth Locke is the perfect city-center refuge for guests and locals alike. Complete with its own crossfit gym, The Locker Room, the hotel caters for the needs of the young professional, with a premium fitness space that includes bodyweight exercise equipment, a hydration and cool down space, and regular complimentary classes for guests, including yoga and guided meditation.

This is perfectly balanced by the hotel’s co-working space for guests and city residents. Helping guests to connect with like-minded people that share an affinity for the arts, wellness and personal evolution, offering an all-encompassing destination and experience.

Eric Jafari, Locke’s Co-Founder and Creative Director explains that “Whitworth Locke encompasses our ambitions and is demonstrative of the brand’s future. This is a very special project for us. We know modern travellers increasingly value their social experiences and personal connections. We’ve created a space where people can truly feel at home. From our perspective, a second home is more than the four walls, it’s defined by a combination of your community and ability to maintain your daily habits.”

Whitworth Locke comes after the brand’s successful opening of Eden Locke in Edinburgh 2017 and East London’s Leman Locke which opened in October 2016. Book a stay here.