Meet the Nigerian artist co-signed by Skepta and poised to take the new wave music scene by storm.

Wavy TheCreator Wonderland New Noise
Wavy TheCreator Wonderland New Noise

Since Wavy TheCreator exploded onto the new wave music scene in Nigeria, her energetic, colourful and, well, wavy music and visuals have been reaching all corners of the globe. Following a 2018 which saw the release of alien-like single, “Shaku”, and a performance at Skepta’s “Homecoming Festival” in Nigeria, we chatted to Wavy about her sound, her dream collaborator, and her style…

Wavy TheCreator Wonderland New Noise
Wavy TheCreator Wonderland New Noise

How are you?
Feeling great, feeling jiggy! It’s cold out too.

Did you always know you wanted to be a musician?
I actually never wanted to be a musician. Out of all the arts I currently dabble in, music was my least favourite to want to create. I loved music but never felt the urge to want to create it, mainly because I questioned what came with it and, at a point, didn’t believe I could sing. But here we are.

Who did you listen to growing up?
A lot of people, so many, so I’ll only list a few…Michael Jackson, Sade, Craig David, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Ciara, Toni Braxton…so many others!

Your sound has been described as everything from wild to dancey – how would you describe your sound yourself?
I could say the same! its wavy, it goes where the wind blows, and creates the biggest waves.

Your songs are very intricately produced, and you can really pick up on different elements of the production on each listen. How much importance do you give this side of your music as opposed to, say, the more lyrical side?
I’m still very new to the music world in terms of creating it, so I am learning a lot about the importance of sound, and what goes where. I am also understanding that everything that makes a song needs to be given the same attention, meaning I spend just as much time listening to the tracks before I make my melodies as well as writing.

Wavy TheCreator Wonderland New Noise
Wavy TheCreator Wonderland New Noise

It seems as if loads of collaborations these days happen via artists linking up online… how do you think social media and the internet in general has affected up and coming artists trying to make it?
I think it’s had more of a positive effect on upcoming artists. It’s easier to reach anyone through social media, especially if the content you create is amazing – you stand a great chance of reaching everyone you would like to work with.

What do you think of all the different stuff coming out of London at the moment?
Well, art is becoming more important and necessary around the world and everyone is doing their bit in contributing in creating beautiful things…London is creating more avenues that allow a lot of creatives take control of their creative world, and be strong, and independent.

Do you enjoy collaborating with others? Who would your dream collaborator be?
I think it’s one of my favourite things. The beauty that comes with collaboration is unexplainable.It would have been Michael Jackson… to be honest, still Michael Jackson – dead or alive.

Your video for “Shaku” is a busy, dreamlike flash of colour and movement, set in the Alien Headquarters, what as the inspiration behind it? How much of a hand do you like to have in the visual side of your music?
Just like the track, I wanted the viewer to feel warm and happy on the inside, like they were part of something greater, and I believe me and my friends were able to translate that through the video. I like to be very involved in everything I create, or everything that is a part of me, even when I collaborate with people.

Wavy TheCreator Wonderland New Noise
Wavy TheCreator Wonderland New Noise

In the video, you catch a brief glimpse of Skepta’s SkAir sneaker, do you give much importance to fashion and style? Who are some designers and brands you’re fucking with at the moment?
Fashion is me and I am style. What I wear will always represent something, either a feeling or a statement.I mostly thrift my clothes, but there are brands like Daily Paper, Trapstar London, Orange Culture, Grind London, Modus Vivendii, Secluded Clothing, and so many other upcoming brands am probably forgetting to mention that I love.

How was it performing at Skepta’s homecoming show in Nigeria? How important are people like Skepta in helping to put emphasis on music that isn’t from the UK or the US?
It was a very exciting and fulfilling moment. I enjoyed every bit of it – it was a great experience. I think it’s very vital. Music is universal, and with every opportunity we have, we should push the sounds across all borders.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
“Be yourself in all ways.”

What would you say your ultimate aim was?
Inspiring the world with the art I create, impacting it in the right way, and being a great representation of what art is and through this sharing of genuine love.

What’s next for you?
Greater things, I believe. there are an infinite number of things to achieve, and I am excited to reach each one as I grow


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