The accessories label finds inspo. in the street.

Proving, as if further universal evidence was needed, that sustainability can look far chicer than anything manmade, designers Wei Hung Chen and Raiheth Rawla (aka accessories label Khaore) are making accessory history with new collection, Roadside. Challenging the existing patterns of waste and artistic degradation via mass consumption, the New York-based duo has created a series of bags perfect for any occasion.

For this, their debut, the pair showcase a boutique line-up of silhouettes, shapes, colours and textures, each informed by a specific concept and comprising a unique offering. With inspiration taken from the collection’s namesake – namely the streets of New York – together Chen and Rawla are redefining the accessories landscape and asking questions. Can an ordinary object be art for example, and can it still be functional?

True to the distinct ideas at its origin, Roadside by Khaore has been produced in limited quantities – just a 100 piece of each of the five styles – and once sold out, remains sold out; reproductions being the antithesis of the label’s direction. Get your slice of the action here today; happy feeling, your for free.