Our fave songs of the week.

Team Salut – “Hot Property” feat. Tion Wayne, Afro B, Eugy

Starting this week’s list off with a banger, South London trio Team Salut have just dropped the vid for “Hot Property”. Making waves as the go-to UK producers in crafting the “AfroWave” sound, the three-piece are creating tracks so hot that there’s not enough fire emojis in the world to describe them. Talking on the track and accompanying video they say: “These are the hottest artists in the scene and we as Team Salut are bringing them together […] The video reflects the vibe of the music, but more than that – the video reflects the vibe of all us guys together under one flag”.

Dream Wife – “Let’s Make Out”

The leading track on their upcoming self-titled debut album (set to be released on 26th January), this is the Icelandic-Brightonian trio at their best. “Let’s Make Out” is punk revitalised, adrenaline-charged and oozing with explosive self-confidence as lead singer Rakel Mjöll cries out, “let’s make out, are you too shy?” The lively track screams attitude and fun, just like the atmosphere at their gigs, and if we had to sum it up in one word? PunchyAndReallyGood (that counts as one, shut up).

Anteros – “Bonnie”

London quartet Anteros are back with a tune that’ll instantly make you wanna smile and have a dance. Influenced by the likes of The Cardigans, new track “Bonnie” has a colourful rhythmic flair highlighting front woman Laura Hayden’s smokey vocals. Talking on the track she says: “We wrote ‘Bonnie’ about the pressures of being a girl in a world of people who never seem to be happy with what they have. It’s time to break away from that; to love and accept ourselves. To stop comparing ourselves to each other and work together. ‘Bonnie’ is our tribute to girls.”

Avelino – “No Bullshit”

As he said in this year’s “Energy”, “Don’t be a sheep when you can be the G.O.A.T” and Avelino is fully living up to claiming his place as the latter. Dropping his debut project No Bullshit last week, the 24-year-old blends awe-inspiring flows with complex lyricism to create a project that masters both melody and wordplay. To summarise: it’s fucking fire.

Au/Ra – “Outsiders”

Dark pop princess Au/Ra is back. Releasing her latest track “Outsiders”, it’s a glimmering piece of alt-pop perfection about not needing to be the same as anyone else. Speaking on the inspiration, Au/Ra says: “I wanted to make a song for people who don’t feel like they fit in, and just say, ‘It’s okay to be a bit weird. Whoever you are, you shouldn’t feel less powerful just because you don’t fit in with the typical in crowd.’”

Mansionair – “Astronaut (Something About Your Love)”

Mansionair have dropped their latest offering and – if you’ll pardon the pun – it’s out of this world. A dreamy electronica number blending melodic layers and enchanting vocals, the Aussie trio say it came about when they “shoved a microphone deep inside a piano and recorded all the atmospheric noises that came out.” Take notes, everyone else.

Melis – “Holding Hands”

In need of a cathartic cry today? Well we’ve got the song for you. Melis’ has released her latest song, “Holding Hands” and it is breathtaking. Soundtracked by gorgeous electronics, her voice is has that chilling quality that’ll instantly give you goosebumps. The lead single to her upcoming EP, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

Kárryn – “EVER”

Kárryn’s latest electronic track keeps listeners suspended in a sweet delirium, combining the singer’s soft heavenly vocals which echo the word “forever” with a choral backing track which grants the song a kind of religious intensity. This transcends into her artwork which presents the image of what seems to be a haunting angel whose voice captivates anyone who hears her. How fitting for Halloween week, right?

CuckooLander – “Crazier”

Head bopping and foot tapping come to mind at the mention of CuckooLander’s new song “Crazier” which sets delicate vocals against a warped instrumental backbeat. The lyrics follow the contradictory feelings and actions that we all experience in a relationship and although we may consider pushing our other half in front of a train, in the end we’ll stick with each other because that’s love. Adorable, we know.

Strange Hellos – “Gold For The Golden”

Strange Hellos bring dreamy pop in their latest track “Gold for the Golden” taken from their recently-released debut album Chromatic and we’re instantly getting the summer #feels. With a regular relaxed rhythm and jangly guitars, it’s just what you need to chill out and forget about the shortened days and earlier nights.


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