New Noise: Anabel Englund

We have a chat with singer and style icon, Anabel Englund.

Born into a family of creatives (her father is American actor and singer Morgan Englund and her grandmother is Academy Award winning actress Cloris Leachman), it comes as no surprise that Southern California born Anabel would sooner or later spread her creative wings.

The LA-based singer songwriter is mostly known for her electric performances with the group Hot Natured, alongside producers Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, Ali Love and Luca C. This led to festivals all around the world, from T in the Park to Coachella.

After years of performing and partying with her Hot Natured pals, the insanely talented blonde beauty is ready to go solo. We had a chat with her about her new single ‘London Headache’ and all things music.

Can you tell us a bit about how you got interested in music?

My family is very musical so I was always surrounded by instruments and vocal chords. Singing is what gripped my soul since I was a little girl so music has always been a part of me I think.

Who would you say are your biggest influences, music-wise?

Madonna, Stevie Knicks, Ella Fitzgerald, Feist and Britney Spears.

What made you go from performing in a group (with Hot Natured) to pursuing a solo career?

Performing with Hot Natured was fun and I hope to do more of it, but there are still things I need to say and be as an individual from my own point of view. It’s impossible for me to stop creating either way.

You write your own stuff, as well as other people’s. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

My favourite thing to do is write about personal experience, or recently if I’m inspired by certain characters in a show I’ve been watching (cough cough Shameless), I can write about them and what’s going on in “their” life. It’s really fun for me actually because I get to write about a fantasy or a different reality from my own.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Life and learning. All types of relationships. Trees, the ocean, the way the wind blows on certain days. The way the moon shines brighter some nights. The way it feels going up or down in an airplane. Anticipation. Anxiety, depression, happiness. Love… What even is love? Life without alcohol, how life used to be with alcohol. Dreams, hopes, courage, perseverance. Being a survivor. Healing.

Is there a particular artist you’d like to work with or write for?

I’d love to sing a song with Rihanna!

“My favourite thing to do is write about personal experience, or recently if I’m inspired by certain characters in a show I’ve been watching.”

Can you tell us about your single ‘London Headache’?

It is very special to me, the lyric writing process was very cathartic. It was co-written with my younger brother Jackson Englund and produced by a dear friend Diego Cuevas, you should listen to it.

You’ve performed at festivals and venues all over the world, from Coachella to London’s own O2 Academy Brixton. What’s your most memorable experience on stage?

There are a lot of memorable moments but the first one that comes to mind was I think last year in Peru, I was performing at Creamfields. There were hundreds of people it looked like a sea of souls but when I looked further and higher I was able to see ancient ruins and the moon. It was beautiful because not only was my voice echoing throughout the space of all these people but in an area that has been existing long before me and to sing to the moon is my favourite. It was blissful.

We love your style! Where do you get the inspiration behind your looks?

Aw, thanks! Madonna, Carrie Bradshaw, Buddhists, Tokyo streetwear, the world. I love traveling to a new place and seeing what people are wearing on the streets. I love the different colors, the different shoes, the way they wear their hair.

What have you got lined up for the rest of the year?

I’ve been writing a shitload of music on the piano and with a few different producers including my brother Jackson which is cool. So honing in more on that. I also am debuting my party, Gari Safari, in Miami for Winter Music Conference which I’m really excited about. More touring, more creating, more clothes, less clothes, more painting, more photography, more instruments, more of everything that is healthy.

Laura Bettencourt
New Noise: Anabel Englund

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