Satin Jackets Playlist

Electropop young-guns Satin Jackets serve us up a weekend playlist you’re gonna wanna hear.

Satin Jackets was founded a few years back when German music producer Tim Bernhardt joined forces with performer Den Ishu to create Electropop gold. In fact, you’ve probably heard their biggest track, “You Make Me Feel Good“; a feel-good, retro-tinged house anthem whose summer vibe guaranteed it was a runaway Souncloud success. Fast forward three years and Satin Jackets are releasing their debut album, Panorama Pacifico, today.

Featuring 2015’s massive disco single “Shine On You”, the LP springs from the idea and story of Mr Satin Jackets, the band’s globe-trotting persona who stops “on the West Coast and takes a break. He watches the ocean to put his mind at ease and [out pours] Panorama Pacifico.” Sounds idyllic, right? Well, that’s sort of the point. So, plug into their new album, stick on their well-curated list this weekend, and read on as we talk hidden melancholia, their upcoming US tour, and why Mr Satin Jackets expects you to have an open mind.

You guys have been around for a while but are only now dropping your debut album, are you perfectionists?

Undoubtedly, yes. A debut album is something big and it needs to be placed well.

Tell us more about your character, Mr Satin Jackets?

He travels a lot. He doesn’t speak much. He’s got an open mind and expects you to have one, too.

You’ve collaborated with some very exciting artists (IssacO, Scavenger Hunt), how do you go about finding these guys? Is it very organic?

I think so. Most were right time, right place kind of moments. But it’s most important we click musically and also personally in the way we work. I value skill over brand name.

Talk to us about your creative process? Is it very collaborative?

It can be when working with vocalists. But once that part is finished, I spend days and weeks sometimes over a song with the studio door closed.

Is making people happy through your music very important? Will we ever see a sad song from you two?

“Fall Apart” for example isn’t really the most happy one if I may say. I think all songs have a certain melancholic aspect hidden somewhere. I’m glad most songs are making people happy but ultimately it is about making them feel something. Nothing would be worse than indifference.

You’re a very summery duo, what’s your perfect summer?

One with great weather for at least six weeks straight. Doesn’t happen very often over here.

What’s next once the album has been released?

The big US tour in May. Then, after the album is before the album.

Lastly…what does the future hold? Where do you guys want to be in a few years time?

In a happy spot.

ᐧSatin Jackets’ Playlist

Woolfy Vs. Projections – “Absynth (Marcus Worgull Remix)”

“Stylishly deep and yet melodic, warm and harmonious. Wonderfully slow as well. One of the first like this I came across.”

Downtown Party Network – “Days Like These”

“Rock solid cheesy. I love cheese. This one took it to the next level.”

Friendly Fires – “Paris (Aeroplane Remix ft. Au Revoir Simone)”

“Aeroplane showing how you can be pop without loosing the beat and club vibe.”

Flight Facilities Feat. Giselle – “Crave You”

“The beginning of something great. Club tune meets pop song.”

D-Pulse – “Velocity of Love (original extended)”

“When Theomatic Records helped define the genre.”

Henry Green – “Electric Feel (Gespleu Downcast Edit) || MGMT Cover”

“One of the best remakes ever.”

Pompeya – “Slow (Acos CoolKAs Unreleased Remix)”

“Russia once more showing its alternative brilliant side in music. Original is great as well.”

J.Viewz – “Salty Air (ft Noa Lembersky)”

“This guy is a musical genius. Check out his videos too.”

Alison Valentine – “Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix)”

“Une liasion dangereuse”

KLar&PF – “Endless”

“I’m a fan of these St. Petersburg heroes. So glad I got to release some of their stuff on my little vinyl imprint.”

Crayon Feat. KLP – “Give You Up (Darius Remix)”

“The rise of Roche and Partyfine.”

Cassara – “La Vela”

“Mah boy Cassara dropped an instant classic. Check him out because he’s got more bombs.”

Mura Masa – “I’ll be Alright”

“Just wow. A new direction towards post-r&b.”

Satin Jackets Playlist

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