The enigmatic Desert Sound Colony has produced us a playlist entitled ‘Nostalgia and The Transportation of Music’. Sounds mysterious, right?

Desert Sound Colony

“With each Christmas and New Years tends to come a sense of nostalgia and magic in the air. I have picked a selection of music to help you drift with ease into 2015 and beyond. Whether you want to fondly remember past memories or look forward with wide eyes to a new year, there should be something in here for everyone.”

We’re not really sure who or what Desert Sound Colony is. We do know that DSC’s release, ‘The Way I Began’ is an enveloping soundscape of echoes and “oos”, for want of a better term, it’s luscious and somehow relaxing despite having a decidedly danceable beat behind it. The video is four minutes of interpretive dance on a beach, which is what we wish we were doing right now to be honest, possibly with a cocktail in hand, and maybe in a more tropical setting than the one shown.

Orcas – ‘Infinite Stillness’

With ‘Yearling’, Orcas created one of the best albums of 2014. Every track is amazing but there is just something so transportive about the way that this one washes over you.

Alessi Brothers – ‘Seabird’

‘Seabird’ may actually be my most listened to track of all time. I challenge anyone not to fall in love with the nostalgia of this one.

Pelican – ‘Aurora Borealis’

I spent a lot of time in my teens listening to Post-Rock bands like Pelican and when I revisit ‘Aurora Borealis’ I remember why. After being surrounded by electronic music for years it is so refreshing to hear a group of musicians thrash out such beautiful and organic melodies.

PJ Harvey – ‘On Battleship Hill’

Harvey’s vocals coupled with the slight tension in the music creates a sublime piece that carries you away into your imagination. I love to listen to this song while commuting around London because it creates such a wonderful contrast to the city.

Wild Beasts – ‘Sweet Spot’

For me Wild Beasts truly came of age with their latest album. I have always been a fan but there is something that takes ‘Present Tense’ to another level. Sweet Spot encapsulates the sound of the album perfectly with its wonderfully dry production on the drums, haunting vocals and such catchy melodies.

The Blue Nile – ‘Seven AM’

One of my all time favourite bands, The Blue Nile wrote albums sparingly to say the least but when they did they are completely genius. Everything is so well thought out in this track, every note sounds right and every one of the sparse drum hits feels measured and correct.

Colin Stetson – ‘In Love and In Justice’

Colin Stetson is probably better known as the sax player for Bon Iver, but for me it is his solo material that truly stands out. When you listen to ‘In Love and Justice’ on a large sound system the sheer magnitude of the sound is awe inspiring.

Talk Talk – ‘Such a Shame’

One of the best bands of the 80s. Talk Talk were so ahead of their time its unreal. This track has such a killer groove but also manages to stay so emotional as well. If you like this then definitely check out the live at Montreux version as well.

Panda Bear – ‘Alsatian Darn’

If you want to be transported then this is the track for you. The sounds seem to fall all around you while you listen as they build and build.

Crosby, Still & Nash – ‘Helplessly Hoping’

Nice to finish on a classic. Simply put this is one of the best songs every written. It is simple, nostalgic and haunting. I will be listening to this song till the day I die.

You can listen to Desert Sound Colony’s first EP on Soundcloud and expect the second to be coming shortly.


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