We catch up with Glaswegian quartet Twin Atlantic for the New Noise lowdown.

Twin Atlantic

Scottish Rockers, Craig Kneale, Sam McTrusty, Barry Mckenna and Ross McNae are the next ‘big noise’ troupe that everyone is buzzing about.

We first caught them live during their Great Escape Festival headline gig at the VEVO stage which was the introductory festival for the colossal amount of live dates that the boys have ahead of them this year. Critical applause followed their stint at Radio 1’s Big Weekend gig a couple of weeks ago which took place in the boys hometown of Glasgow. The visuals haven’t long been released for commercial smash’Heart & Soul’ as well as the announcement of their sophomore record ‘Great Divide’, which follows up from 2011’s debut ‘Free’.

We caught up with the boys to talk about their journey, bust-ups and feeling like Westlife.

Tell us the journey­ – how did you guys meet?

It all begins with Ross and I going to school together. We became best pals because of music in many ways and its kept us together for all those years! we started playing music together and experimenting with songs and playing local gigs in Glasgow bars as a trio around 2006. I then started working in those bars serving drinks and got to know the local music scene pretty well which brought us together with Barry and Craig in 2007. we had all been in local bands and frequented these bars and such so it was quite a natural vibe when we got together for the first time to see what would happen. There was that mythical feeling of a spiritual clicking of sorts and from literally that first day we made this band our lives.

Are there ever any in-­house bust-­ups over how you want to take the direction of particular songs?

Yes, of course there can be disagreements in a creative discussion and yes they can grow arms and legs forming into an ugly beast of a situation. However that leads to great results. A pressure cooker, like layers and layers of pressure on a dirty oily situation but over time and digging can be a little diamond that appears so we aren’t too worried when it happens.Imagine if things like that didn’t happen? i’d feel like we were in Westlife!

Are you still based up in Scotland and enduring the dreaded commute or have you bitten the bullet and shifted to London now? 

We are all still in Glasgow and loving it. People come to us now that we are big time stars living in mansions with gold baths and champagne mouthwash… but then I wake up on an EasyJet shuttle flight to Gatwick with coffee in a bag floating in boiling water!!! Good friends and people based in London make it worthwhile.

How was the Great Escape Festival for you guys? We caught you at the VEVO stage and thought you were awesome!

It was actually a brilliant time. Over the last few years we haven’t been to Brighton as much as we would have liked. It’s such a cool station on the touring circuit with all of it’s eclectic people and creativeness. It was in fact our first time playing The Great Escape which is a bit of a backwards process as I know a lot of new acts go there to showcase.

Any other Festivals planned throughout the summer?

We will be playing Reading and Leeds Festival, T in the Park as well as supporting Kings Of Leon. We have a couple of European Festivals booked in too!

Tell us more about the new album? Who have you been working on it with and what can we expect from it?

The new album is called “Great Divide” and we recorded it in 3 separate locations with two different producers over a 7 or 8 month period, which was pretty intense. Most of the recording was done at a studio called Rockfield in Monmouth, Wales and we worked with a legendary guys called Gil Norton who also did our last album. We stayed at the studio for about 3 months living and playing there and then did a short session in Glasgow  which was great as we got to go home every night. At the end of the process we went to LA to work on 3 tracks with a man called Jacknife Lee in his home studio. The end results are a 13 track album that we’ve literally put blood, sweat and tears into along with copious amounts of fun and lifelong happy memories.

How will it differ from ‘Free’?

It will have different songs on it, a different name, different artwork and we are all 4 years older and a bit wiser. The last part is key.

Are there any particular tracks on there that you are most proud of?

There is a song called ‘Oceans’ which is very special to me due to its personal subject and the weight the lyrics have on me. It’s hard to pick highlights yet as every song went through such a strict filter that out of a collection of songs written for the album these are the ones i’m most proud of as a collective.

Have you made any celeb mates yet? You been touring with anyone and hanging out with them backstage, and now call them pals?

I’m not one to kiss and tell but the answer is most definitely ‘yes’.


Words: Shane Hawkins


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