11.11 has passed, and we’re still here – so to celebrate our continuing existence, we’ve rounded up the seven best End Of The World parties happening in London tonight. If the world does end at midnight, these are the venues to depart Earth in apocalyptic style (fancy dress is imperative, in case you hadn’t guessed…)

(1) The End Of The World party in Shoreditch

First in line is the apocalypse-dedicated End Of The World Party in Village Underground in Shoreditch. Easily one of the most hyped events for tonight, the experts in doomsday debauchery pretty much have your every last dying wish catered for. With DJs starting at 10.30, a Last Wish Room, extreme fancy dress encouraged and a favourite song request for each guest, this is the party to end all parties.

(2) Mad Ferret Productions: Noah’s Psychedelic Dreamboat at Hoxton Docks

Leave any worries behind and come aboard the psychedelic dreamboat for a surreal experiment in the name of the apocalypse! More like an insane one-night festival than a club night, you can still buy tickets (while they last) until 7pm. If you fancy immersing yourself in theatre, arts, giant sets, unique visuals and deep house/disco beats then act quickly and then head over to Hoxton Docks tonight.

3) Loud Noise End of the World Party at Cable

Of course London’s top clubs have also got on the End Of The World Bandwaggon, and Cable will tonight be hosting a house/techno night with an impressive list of DJs and artists including Coki, Kryptic Minds, Jakes and Mensah, to name but only a few.

4) Real Nice and E.T.A presents: End of the World Party at The Sidings warehouse

Real Nice Presents & E.T.A are back from their summer festivities to present their End of The World Party. The event location has been kept secret but this hasn’t faltered interest. With a huge sound system set to blast electro-disco-funk, a lazer light setup, as well as more undisclosed surprises. Aeroplane, Waze & Odyessy, Andre Crom and Nhan Solo will be featuring at the night.

5) End of the World Party at Clause Bar

Dirty Retro DJ’s are hosting their end of the world event in Central London. If you’d like house music mixed with retro classics for your last night on Earth then this event promises to hold many surprises. Expect the finest deep house intertwined with retro edits from the 80s and 90s.

6) One of the biggest parties tonight, also called The End Of The World, is being held just outside on London, in Kent.

The event is almost down to it’s last 30 tickets, as the night promises to be truly memorable… Being held in a collection of old-fashioned tunnels in Maidstone, there will be two rooms of fresh House, D&B, Dubstep and Garage being spun from Rinse FM DJ’s Redlight, Roska, Foamo and others. The tunnels are also probably one of the safer places you could be in if an Apocalypse struck.

7) For those of you out there who would rather celebrate is a less exuberant fashion, there is Brian Cox and Robin Ince’s End Of The World Show at Hammersmith Appollo

The highly anticipated show from the Radio 4 presenters is a ‘summary of all human achievement’ before tonight’s apocalypse. The show is more low key humorous affair which is gathering together some of the most prolific comedians, scientists and musicians, for a spectacular showdown of comedy and intellect – that might just make you stop believing in ancient Mayan prophecies, if you make it out of the theatre alive. Regardless of this fact, this show will certainly evoke a laugh, as who wants to die miserable?

Words: Kirsty Beckingham


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