DOOMSDAY MIX:  Armageddon Down

Wonderland is busy getting down and doomy today to all things Armageddon 2012. As you may well have heard, according to the Mayan calendar we’re all going to die – and in the spirit of all things final, we’ve compiled a playlist of songs to dance the world away to. Here’s how it unfolds:

Triumph – Air Raid
Wu Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck
Beyonce – Countdown
Danny Brown – Die Like a Rock Star
The Shoes – Cover Your Eyes
Li’l Kim – Last Day
Pixies – Wave of Mutilation
Ke$ha – Die Young
MF Doom feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl – Doomsday
Dirty Projectors – About to Die
Bobby Brown – ‘Til The End of Time
Giorgio Moroder – From Here to Eternity
Alison Krauss – Too Late To Cry
Dimmu Borgir – Progenies of The Great Apocalypse
LA Vampires and Maria Minerva – End of the World
Mariah Carey – Melt Away

Stay tuned for a round-up of the best Doomsday-themed parties happening in London tonight. Hot (literally).