Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Turbo Recordings, the Montreal-born producer put together a compilation album as a tribute to the brand’s longevity and enduring vitality.

What a milestone it is to celebrate a business’s 25th anniversary. For Montreal-based label Turbo Recordings, that’s reason enough to assemble a celebratory album, reuniting the best artists who have ever worked with them. “No business lasts 25 years, but we did,” says Tiga, founder of Turbo Recordings. “That’s because we aren’t a business. We’re a dream, which is so much less. And dreams don’t end. They simply evolve over quarter-century increments until the dreamer (me) dies (tentatively set for Q3 2098). After that, the dream belongs to the rich human tapestry we call the Omni-Mind.”

The 25-track VA titled T25 is out today, combining 25 unreleased cuts from the vault, giving us a snapshot of where Turbo is at today while celebrating its long and rich history of releasing groundbreaking electronic music. Tracks featured from Seth Troxler, Audion, Fedele, Extrawelt, Mathame, and 2manydjs with a noteworthy brand new original from Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen, ‘You So Pretty,’ featuring his trademark, classic vocals. Here, we connected with Tiga to discuss the process of putting together such a remarkable piece of work and heritage.

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Turbo Recordings · Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen – You So Pretty

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How does it feel to celebrate such an important milestone, such as your company’s 25th anniversary?
It’s nice. I’m proud of what we have done and how much music we have released over the years. The sheer volume is absurd and reassuring.

How did this idea come about?
The idea for a 25 year anniversary? I saw that the number was 25 and thought we should celebrate that because it’s a quarter century.

How does this album represent the label and its story? What excites you most about this project?
The artists make the label. So, it’s a cross section of artists we have worked with in the past, as well as new ones, many that were actually inspired by Turbo over the years. So, it’s like a family affair.

Can you tell us about the process of putting this album together? How was the experience of producing such a variety of songs?
It’s a lot of emails. And lists. And meetings. All things I work pretty hard to avoid. But getting the music is fun.

Do you have a personal favourite track?
I really love the Matias Aguayo’s single ‘The Turbo Track’….. the best feeling is when an artist you love actually makes something FOR your dream sound- and makes it better than you could have imagined. So thanks to Matias.

How do you find common ground to create a unified artistic vision for all these songs?
I don’t. The common ground is simply my taste/ which changes all the time. There is no more or less consistency than there is in one human personality. In this case, mine.

How did you select the music that would be part of the VA?
I asked for lots of submissions, contacted past artists and new ones we liked, from that we picked only the best ones.

How has 2023 been for the label? Any special highlights?
It’s been great/ the process of putting together this celebration has revitalized us and brought a whole new crop of artists our way. It’s also nice to look back occasionally and realize how much hard work you have put in. A little pride is ok.