The rising singer-songwriter delivers her impressive debut EP, bursting with emotional potency.

Singer-songwriter Anaïs Cardot has been refining her craft since her teen years, shaping a sound that is soulful and poignant, tacking themes such as self-love and mental health, using her writing as a cathartic process.

Her journey towards releasing her debut EP is immensely inspiring, with the artist facing the challenges of Arthrogryposis, a disease that lifted her ability to walk, talk and sit. A strong-willed individual with a powerful voice and message, Cardot looks set for musical prosperity, a fact that has come into fruition on this excellent body of work.

Featuring singles “Can’t Explain” and “Colors”, the project is a slick, colourful assortment of cuts that showcase Cardot’s versatility and artistic guise, pinpointing her feelings with breadth and emotional nuance. Atop rich, creamy production, the singer-songwriter flaunts her dazzling vocality and vivid, personal lyrical acumen, touching on topics such as self-discovering and heartbreak.

On the EP, Cardot comments, “Pink Magnolia, a name with dual significance, captures the essence of my musical journey. Its roots lie in the evocative scent that followed me during the creation of these heartfelt songs, each a reflection of my transformative experiences over the past few years. I sought to depict my evolving thoughts and emotions throughout the process.”

Listen to the EP…