The singer-songwriter shares his stellar sophomore album, a project that combines styles with ease.

Portugal-born, Leeds-based singer-songwriter leo. is an artist swiftly rising through the alternative ranks, impressive since his early releases like “despair” back in ’19. Inspired by indie and acoustic leaning sonics, the artist is in the same stylistic catergory as the likes of Cavetown and Ricky Montgomery, bringing an effervescent emotion to his music.

leo. has now returned with his highly anticipated sophomore body of work, a new one, a unique and explorative body of work. Atmospheric and poignant, the project is brimming with ballad-leaning nuance and reflective songwriting, showing superb depth in his personal songwriting. Full of rich instrumentation, the sonic palettes provide an immersive backdrop for the singer-songwriter to weave thoughtful narratives that tackle his emotions impressively.

Speaking on the release, leo. shares,“a new one feels more like a piece of my soul than anything I’ve done. I wrote these songs over the course of a year and they detail the process of learning to love again as I was going through it – ultimately in a healthier way, but not without its setbacks. More than that, I can see my growth as a person over the last year in these songs. After writing all 10, and using some material I had written way back, I took them to Ed Allen around this time last September. After months of recording, re-recording, arranging, trying new things out, trying old things out, crying, screaming, etc., we finally finished my most ambitious project so far – and I’m really proud of it. I’ve always loved the idea of telling stories with my music, and with these tracks, videos, artwork, and lovely interactions with my audience, I can tell a story that’s important to me, and might be important to a lot of other people too.”

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