Ghana’s next generation singer, songwriter and producer Mellissa arrives with vibrant new single ‘Me & U’.

A rich blend of sonics create the self-coined “Afro Sexy” that cemented her name as an artist with a globally pioneering sound. The sensual video shot in Nigeria follows a love story with the rising musician as the main focal point of the “anthem for the girls” aimed to empower females far and wide.

Having already registered her abilities on collaborations with Ajebutter22, Amaara, BOJ and best-friend and sister Moliy, Mellissa is now focused on her own career and her debut project which is set to establish her name on the most significant scale to date.

Mellissa incorporates Latin, Reggae, Soul and R&B which goes hand in hand with her lyrics where boldness and comfort coexist in harmony. With every intention to proper the culture forward, ‘Me & U’ is the beginning of an exciting chapter. The Wonderland team are excited to see Mellissa’s next moves.