The Utah-based alt-rock musical project dives deep into an intimate journey with their latest 6-track EP.

Nestled in the charming heart of Roseburg, Oregon, a band discovered its name and soul. Zach Knell, Samuel Sheppard, Keith Lambson, and Soren Buchert’s voyage, stretching from Oregon’s verdant woods to Utah’s majestic peaks, weaves an indie-rock tale. Their musical journey began in 2016 when Knell and Sheppard, during their missionary service, chanced upon a creative spark that birthed their second single, “Identity Prices”. Bound by mission rules, the duo exchanged dreams and plans through handwritten letters, envisioning a band upon their return. Over time, Roseburg honed its distinct, adrenalised alternative rock identity.

Their ascent was briefly halted by the pandemic, right after the launch of their debut album and the much-anticipated nationwide tour announcement. Yet, after a silent interlude of two and a half years, Roseburg resurged with the striking single “Alice,” propelling them back into the limelight. Now, they are unveiling a brand new EP, “2 in a Million,” which offers a more personal and introspective take on their music. This project speaks to their opportunity for a second chance and their ability to start over again.

From the poignant “Sun Sick,” delving into the anguish of writer’s block, to an introspective exploration of the band’s relationships in “See You Never” and “Flowers,” the EP revisits their musical roots. It brings forth a chill, organic soft rock record with a hint of early 2000s pop-punk nostalgia. Knell shares, “It’s a record of our journey as a band and the close-knit community we’ve built around it. We’re incredibly grateful that, after everything, we’re back together again with the people we love, doing what we love.”