The rising British singer-songwriter releases his stunning latest single and announces a new headline show.

With an unwavering sense of artistic momentum and a profound transformative experience behind him, British singer-songwriter, Waiting for Smith, releases his latest single, “White Light Of Love”. This indie-folk gem is a testament to the artist’s journey of self-discovery during a four month break in South Africa, showcasing his captivating and emotive musical style.

“White Light Of Love” is the result of an unexpected creation that found its way to Waiting For Smith just as he was about to embark on his much needed hiatus in South Africa. The song served as a guiding light during his period of exploration and self discovery, helping him stay aligned with his aspirations during moments of uncertainty.

Harry Lloyd, the brains behind Waiting for Smith, explained, “I’ll bathe myself in the “White Light of Love” and protection. This was the start of finding my enjoyment back for music and discovering that every day could hold lightness. I’d play ‘White Light Of Love” to myself most days when I felt lost and was worried about taking such a long break from music. It became my mantra to joy.”

Additionally, Waiting for Smith has announced a live headline show at the Camden Assembly on Thursday, 19th October, adding an exciting live dimension to his growing musical journey. Be sure to grab your tickets for the show here and witness Waiting for Smith’s musical magic live.

Listen to the new release…