The alternative collective have shared their highly anticipated new EP, a slick group of tracks.

Photography by Waleed Shah

Photography by Waleed Shah

As Per Casper, the Dubai originating alternative fusion collective, have shared the new EP, “Flow”, an expressive and interesting collection of tracks. Fronted by Carla Saad, a singer-songwriter who has innovation flowing through her artistry, the collaborative project places musicians of an array of nationalities, unveiling music that merges Western and Arabic influences into a dazzling musical ethos.

The collective’s new EP highlights the artistic progression since their promising debut LP, Hit The Ground, showcasing the importance of collaboration Driven by lead single “Abnormal”, the four track tape is full of rich instrumentation and vivid songwriting, explorative in its sonic and thematic approach.

As Per Casper offers some insight into “Abnormal”, saying, “The track started out with the intention of flowing, not riding against the tide cause that’s when things get harder, trusting the flow you’re on, taking what comes embracing it and making the most of it while trusting what the universe has in store for us since there are so many variables we can’t control.”

Listen to the EP…