The award winning visual artist’s new exhibition is a living archive of her work, touching on themes of hope and healing.

Hosted at Protein Studios, Nwaka Okparaeke’s new exhibition is a celebration of her cinematic storytelling and vivid photography. Striking the perfect balance of reality and fantastical, her work combines ethereal colour palettes and enchanting surrealist influences with honesty and vulnerability. Creating a world recognisably her own, she works across photography and film to evoke ideas of freedom, peace, love, memory, truth, and healing.

Artist Note: “Many would describe me as self assured and strong minded, I feel the same but lately I’m on a journey of truly seeing myself to the core. Uncovering bit by bit how much I subconsciously fight against my own peace and freedom without realising it. My natural human desire to submit to society’s pressures for the sake of ease has been disguised as ‘my own decisions and self empowerment.’ It’s a fine line between truth and deception that takes clarity to see. I want to be able to listen and learn, and be vulnerable so I can learn more, fail openly and learn again. Not robbing myself from growing because I’m so attached to my comfort zone. As I slowly (very slowly) embrace this, I feel more confident, free and rested in every sense. This is not a revolt, no need to prove myself, this can’t be an effort to save myself, but a selflessness that’s freeing. Creating art has helped me sort through my noisy mind. I’m so grateful for this journey.”

In addition to working with Wonderland, shooting the Letitia Wright cover for the Winter 2022 issue, Okparaeke has collaborated with brands such as Mercedes Benz, Nike, and Estée Lauder.