The rising artist releases his debut album, Til The Day We Die, featuring his stellar, confidence-infused lead single.

Nadav Sivan’s early introduction to music was an untraditional, beautiful first chapter to a budding love story. Partially deaf until he was four years old, Nadav underwent an operation to repair his hearing. Following the surgery, his parents bought him a piano to help him adjust to sound. Finding an early love in the art form, his talent and drive grew and grew, working in orchestras and choir arrangements, releasing his debut single “Black Mirror” in 2022, and inspiring others through his profound lyricism and skilful musicality. Following the success of “Black Mirror”, Sivan released “Us to Stop”, which saw global success — winning film festival awards and championing the LGBTQ+ community.

Now, Nadav Sivan is back with his debut album. Combining influences of pop, hip hop, soul, and classical, he creates his own soundscape and world that captivates listeners across genres. Titled Til The Day We Die, it features “Us to Stop” as well as the newly released single “A+”. A cinematic masterpiece, it highlights Sivan’s incredible vocal range over an intricate instrumental medley of percussion and strings. Confident and infectious, it serves as the perfect opening track to the album — setting the stage of the 9-track project, a journey through empowering anthems and emotional ballads.

On the single, Sivan explains: “The song is full of swagger but it is also a bit cynical because it’s not the way I really feel – that I’m always an A+ – but on the other hand it is so much fun to feel like that sometimes. I wish everyone could sometimes manage to take a break, look back, appreciate and be proud of themselves and what they’ve managed to achieve, doesn’t matter what: family, relationships or career. Whatever. And that’s what I want the song to make people feel.” 

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