Ahead of her forthcoming debut album, the platinum-selling artist shares her newest electronic-pop single.

Growing up surrounded by a musically inclined family, it is no wonder that Elley Duhé began songwriting at the age of 14 years. However, her voice, lyricism, and overall musical talent skyrocketed into new realms outside of what anyone could have predicted. From her 2016 debut single, “Millennium”, to her EP “Dragon Mentality”, to performing at Coachella and Lollapalooza, she has captured the ears and hearts of a generation. Finding the perfect balance between infectious pop melodies and personal storytelling, she has built a world and fostered a loyal community who relate deeply to her music.

And her fans are in for a treat with her newest single, “DELIRIUM”. Described as an introduction to the rebirth of herself, the track builds up anticipation for her forthcoming debut album. On its own, it is a clear snapshot of who Duhé is as an artist. Written from her own personal experiences with a sound so recognisably her own, it is a refreshing, sparkling, and high energy electronic-pop masterpiece. We can’t wait for more.

Speaking on the track, she explains: “Delirium came through an opportunity to work with this amazing producer named Andrew Goldstein (blackbear, Maroon 5, LANY & more). Many times I’ve felt like I’ve lost parts of myself on this wild ride – this song kind of embodies that feeling when you feel like you’ve lost yourself in the chaos. But the secret is you never truly lose who you are, sometimes we just get temporarily disconnected.”

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