Get to know the Ukrainian-born sisters using their platform to educate, inspire and amplify important messages…

Bloom Twins mesmerise with their musical prowess and their unwavering commitment to meaningful change. Their latest single, “Drunk & Loud”, is a triumphant anthem that echoes their dedication to empowerment and unity. The Ukrainian-born sisters, who blossomed into the music and fashion scene upon their move to London, infuse their art with a compelling blend of activism and artistic brilliance.

The music video, set in the iconic Rapton boxing gym, showcases their fearlessness as they confront adversity head on. Their narrative resonates deeply, addressing the pressing issue of the war in Ukraine. With scenes reminiscent of gritty classics, their courage shines through, both in their performances and their advocacy for mental health and freedom of expression.

On the track, Anna and Sonia state, “Drunk and loud is a very important song to us. We consider this song to be an anthem to outliers, misfits. It’s about the power, and resilience from unity of outnumbered. We are David from ‘David and Goliath’. Do not underestimate the power of underdogs.” They continue, explaining the symbolism of the video, “Our music video tackles the crucial issue of the war in Ukraine. My twin sister represents the annexed and occupied regions of Ukraine, while I embody the areas fighting for unity and victory against Russia.”

Through true hardship and the darkest of situations, Bloom Twins stand as vivid storytellers and advocates, using their platform to amplify important messages, shining light and love. Their empowering journey and the impactful resonance of “Drunk & Loud” continue to showcase their trailblazing spirit and their ability to create art that touches hearts and ignites change.

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