The sun-soaked Californian coast serves as the backdrop to this new and deeply profound single…

Malena Cadiz’s enchanting new track “Easy”, weaves a tapestry of introspective and grace, drawing from her rich past experiences. From giving birth to her daughter to transitioning between cities and jobs, Cadiz’s reflections bring to life a tender and timeless indie folk melody.

In her own words, Malena explains the motive behind her sound, “Growing up a second-generation Filipino-American, I bounced between living with my mom in Michigan and my dad in Singapore. Looking for a sense of belonging has always been a part of my work. It’s an ongoing journey, but I feel like I’ve finally found it – with my community, my family, and within myself.”

The sun-soaked Californian coast serves as the backdrop for her captivating voice, evoking childhood joy and gratitude for life’s small wonders. With each note, she embraces change and the luxury of stability, inspiring listeners to trust their own timelines. “Easy” is a soulful journey, and it’s evident that Cadiz’s growth as a musician and person shines through in this heartfelt and mesmerising track.

Watch “Easy” now…