The rising soulstress has returned to unveil her latest vibrant, heartwarming and well crafted single.

Photography by @georgialovve

Photography by @georgialovve

Nigerian-born, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Sadé Awele is leaving a lasting impression with her refined and resonant releases. Infusing her Yoruba and Igbo heritage into a forward thinking Afro-R&B style, the rising artist borrows from an array of stylistic ideas to concoct a succinct sound with a powering focus on songwriting.

Returning for her third release of the year following the previously stellar singles “Intuition” and “If I Could”, the new offering “Jo” showcases Awele’s artistic progression and further potential. Groove-land and visceral, the rich production and intricate instrumentation act as a burgeoning backdrop for Jo’s soaring, warming vocals. Impressing in her performance and writing, there is a composure and charisma to Awele that is rare to discover.

Speaking on the single, the singer comments, “I chose to release a song called “Jo” because I wanted to celebrate the sensuality and joy that comes with dancing, especially in Nigerian culture. The word “Jo” means dance in Yoruba, and dancing is an integral part of Nigerian culture. It’s a way of expressing joy, connecting with others, and letting loose. The song is about following your desires and enjoying yourself, as we Nigerians love to do. I wanted to create a track that would make people want to move their bodies and let go of their inhibitions. The lyrics invite listeners to lose themselves in the music and dance until dawn, experiencing the freedom and pleasure that comes with moving to the rhythm. Ultimately, I hope that “Jo” inspires people to let go of their worries and embrace the joy of dancing.”

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