The rising UK singer-songwriter releases a joyful and dynamic single that celebrates his growth and challenges society’s oversimplification of the trans experience.

Bristolian transgender singer-songwriter Freddie Lewis has released a beautiful, personal new single, “She Wouldn’t Believe”. A tribute to trans joy, he refers to his past self as “she” and imagines how that version of him would feel knowing how far he has come. In a beautiful and intimate reflection of one’s past self, he sings of the complexities of his own experience and comments on society’s oversimplification of the transgender experience. He wrote the track after playing Glastonbury in 2022 and meeting trans people at the show, vowing to create “a song for trans people to dance to”. Full of raw emotion and profound eloquence, Freddie’s voice is soulful and powerful as it layers on top of crisp instrumentals and sonics. Completely atmospheric, “She Wouldn’t Believe” brings listeners into a new dimension.

Freddie says, “This one’s about only being seen as a brave trans person rather than a whole person. About being more than what’s prescribed to us by a gender binary. Maybe it’s about being more than being trans, or maybe it’s about transness being more than about gender. Transness as the declaration of awareness of being so much more than what is written out for us in all regards”.

A leader in the UK and queer music scenes, Freddie Lewis is quickly rising. We cannot wait for more!

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