The Caribbean-Canadian artist opens up on her new two-track EP, combining house music, pop, and alternative R&B.

Janette King’s new two-track dance EP, How Sad, has arrived! A deeply personal project, it details Janette’s personal experience with heartbreak and betrayal. Combining the vulnerability and, for lack of a better word, sadness, with a pulsating dance beat, she creates something truly special.

Allowing her listeners to feel their own emotions through movement, she fosters a connection between body and mind — something that has always been crucial to her own healing process. Using the art form to connect with her body, queerness, and emotions, she creates a safe space for others to do so as well.

The lead single — the title track — was previously released, and was accompanied by a choreographed dance video that took this concept one step further. “How Sad” is an upbeat, empowering tale that is both cathartic and spiritual.

Following its release, “Breaking a Bond” comes as a slightly softer offering, once again showcases Janette’s powerful vocals. Singing heart-wrenching lyrics, her voice rises on top of an enthralling beat that captivates and pierces through the heart. Together, the two tracks compliment one another and create a comprehensive story. Fun and emotional at once, How Sad is evocative of early house music in New York City’s Black and gay nightclubs, and the community that the space created.

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