Plucked from their sophomore LP, the Austrian duo Laikka showcase their genre-bending sound on the standout track.

Austrian duo Laikka approach music from its most immersive standpoint. Experimenting with the capabilities of pop music, the pair venture out beyond normal generic boundaries within their growing discography. Both have a background in digital art, which has allowed them to merge the separate entities of music and art and create an experience within their sound, with audiovisual installations at their live shows, and incredible music videos and graphics.

Their new album, entitled Bleach, is the latest example of the potential of their musically inventiveness. Visionary sonics and dazzling vocals combine in the masterful work, with deft production and powerful narratives flowing throughout the 13-pronged album. Slow building, atmospheric and ethereal, “Hunger” is a standout cut from the LP, with its subtle and compelling cut that draws on house and trance sensibilities to concoct a soundscape that is eye catching and encapsulating.

Discussing “Hunger”, the duo comment, “”Hunger was the first track we wrote after a writing pause following the release of our first Album Morning Glow. The feeling of starting from zero after putting out a bigger release is weird. We were at the same time overwhelmed and excited to move on into a new chapter. We came up with the song in the time between two of the last covid curfews at the end of 2021. We felt locked up and held back in a way and couldn’t wait to feel fully free again.”

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