The indie-rock group blur the lines between science fiction and reality as they comment on society in a new animated video for their new album’s opening track.

Fellow Robot originated as a concept piece in 2016, referencing the sci-fi novel by the group’s lead singer Anthony Pedroza, The Robot’s Guide to Music. Since then, it has evolved to represent the blurred lines between science fiction and reality in modern life. The new album, Misanthropioid, is a perfect reflection of this. Produced with Andrew Scheps, the project explores what it means to be human — with brutally honest lyrics and melancholic sonics. Addressing serious and vulnerable topics, it depicts the dark side of humanity as well as the hopeful side. “It’s a soundtrack to the last few years. It’s a diverse take on the perception of emotion, especially regarding how we feel about our fellow humans,” explains Anthony.

“Rabbit”, which comments on the Black Lives Matter movement, is a particular standout track — and its video lives up to its exquisiteness. A dark animated film, it follows a rabbit who gets sucked into news streams and propaganda, before growing overwhelmed and leaving Earth altogether. With references to real events, and humorous bits such as a TV playing “FUX NOOZ”, it makes an intelligent and powerful comment on society and humanity.

There is more to come from Fellow Robot. The Robot’s Guide to Music by Anthony Pedroza has been adapted to a graphic novel, out soon. Make sure to keep an eye out for more information!

We are so honoured to premiere “Rabbit”, available to watch here…

And you can stream Misanthropioid here…