The year’s most anticipated collaborative duo cover our Summer 2023 issue talking the origins of their friendship, and proving just how good they are on their self-titled debut.

“As an artist, you deal with criticism. Someone might have something to say about Kay, or about me. We’re not Beyoncé or Drake, we don’t have every fan in the world. We’ve got to prove just how fucking good we are. I wanted to out-rap every rapper with this album. I just wanted to prove to people that this is the one, it’s that shit.”

Covering our Summer 2023 issue is the year’s most anticipated collaborative duo. Fresh from releasing the album of the summer, KAYTRAMINÉ delve deep into the origins of their friendship, a shared addiction for new ideas, coincidental Snoop Dogg link ups, and proving just how good they are on their self-titled debut. Pre-order the issue now at wonderland.com!

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