The Afro trailblazer takes us through his vibrant new album, track-by-track!

It’s Bad Boy Timz in the building! Thank you Wonderland for allowing me to share the inspiration and the backstory behind the songs on my new album ‘No Bad Boy, No Party’.

My struggle for the past two years has been my inspiration for this album. I have been stressed out, working, spending time in mediation, and desperate for fun… wanting to dance the bad energy away.

The aim of this album is for my infectious positivity and energy to be felt by my fans, whether they choose to listen to this music on a night out, at a wedding, while they are having a solo dance party in their bedroom because they need a pick me up, or as they are working out – I want ‘No Bad Boy, No Party’ to be the feel good soundtrack for all life’s moments.

The first song on the album “Igboro” was inspired by my past and my personal beliefs. I want to tell people that no matter where you come from, there is always an opportunity to be successful. I want people to keep going regardless of the obstacles thrown at them. I’m essentially telling you that nothing is impossible. This is a melodic display of my growth, life experiences, and an affirmation that anyone can make it in life.

Being a Lagos boy and seeing how Lagos nightlife is, this song is me preaching to people that if you don’t keep your girlfriend, she will be taken… Hahaha. As I say on the song “New Reality. Beware!”, this is a warning that bad boys and bad girls are lurking outside causing violence, ready to “tossmitoss” your future babe.

This comes from my past relationship experiences, my eyes are now widely open and I am avoiding chopping another breakfast. The part of the song where I sing “we can put it on Lockdown, vibe non-stop, not till tomorrow but til infinity” could be us, but she’d rather play me like Maradona.

At the time I recorded this track, I was planning a vacation to Santorini with my girl. I took inspiration from that “beacation” and turned it into a record. This song is for all the un-single people in the world that love to explore the world together – meet me in Santorini.

My ex-girlfriend Facetimed me while my girlfriend was with me. The situation turned out to be very messy and quite the ‘civil war’ – I just drew inspiration from it to record “Skelele”. As I allude to the song, if you’re still friends with your ex, Cynthia ain’t hearing that.

Pop (Alcohol Alcohol)
Being a nightlife person, I have been to different clubs in Lagos, and this song is all about that – having fun, getting wavy, living young, wild and free. This one is all about ‘Jolly Life’, and sipping on all forms of adventure, recklessness, and exuberance. However, I also try to tell people what happens to you when you drink alcohol, so that people should also drink responsibly.

On Me
Simply put, “On Me” is about lusting after a love interest. I just hope I make it out alive.

I Salute
This is me saluting the beautiful ladies, and telling them that we see them, both online and offline. “I Salute” is a standing ovation for all the ladies that are beautiful in real-time – they deserve all the hype

Move (Remix)
I recorded “Move” during the best period of my life. I tell people on this record that I do not want any problems. I just want to make money and be happy. I want my life to be stress-free and all about having a good time with good people, making good music, and making money.

“Mental” is another track that was inspired by my past relationship. I believe that bad boys need love too, and every bad boy needs a bad girl to compliment them, so this song is an ode to that.

Make Sense
“Make Sense” is my “Gidi Gospel”. It is a song that talks about how I appreciate my close friends, and the people I call my family. People who have been there for me through the highs and lows – I call them my ride or dies, and I pray that all our endeavors are fruitful, and we all stay true to the code.

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