The rising Swedish talent showcases his eclectic musicality on this confident debut EP.

Photography by Nemo Hinders

Photography by Nemo Hinders

The rise of Swedish singer-songwriter Paul Adamah, aka Boko Yout, has not gone unnoticed. From humble beginnings swimming beneath the murky depths of the underground, the past year or so has seen Yout rise to the upper echelons of an intriguing Swedish scene with the releases of impressive singles such as “ANXIETY” and “TELEPROMPTER”, self-defining his sound as Afro Grunge. Poised to make an impact outside of his native home country, the artist has now unveiled his encapsulating debut EP, AS SEEN ON TV.

The eight-pronged body of work is sparse, focused and immersive. The songs are short and sharp, with the cohesion between tracks seamless. There are nods to the sound of acts like Brockampton and Bakar, with a genre fluidity present that seems to come effortlessly to Yout. Across the tracks, we hear striking sonic palettes intertwined with Yout’s unique vocal tone and delivery, as he explores themes such as masculinity, identity and sexuality on this thoughtful, colourful and provoking project.

Speaking on the release, Boko comments, “Earlier in my life, shame, religious values and internalised homophobia prevented me from creating in a sincere way. I need to explore all sides of me to take control of my own narrative and create the representation I wish I had growing.”

With a busy summer ahead and an excellent EP to his name, we expect the whispers of Boko Yout’s name to be a lot louder by the end of the year!

Listen to the EP…

Photography by Nemo Hinders