We talk to the young Berlin-based pop group about blending their four distinct artistries, standing out from the scene, and their newest release.

Four artists, two generations, one project: 5ON5 is the young Berlin-based pop group taking over the scene. Their sound is a result of the members’ different personalities and backgrounds, with catchy hooks and cheeky lyrics captivating their listeners.

Max Koffler, a musician since 2008 and co-founder of 5ON5 since 2018, works as a producer and singer-songwriter on the project. $inan serves as a producer and singer-songwriter as well, gracing the tracks with impeccable vocals and rap verses. Another singer-songwriter and rapper, Maxx B brings his videography and photography skills into 5ON5, creating a multidisciplinary art form. Singer Yumin rounds off the quartet with breathtaking melodies. Together, they create a unique electro-pop sound.

Their latest release, “Discover”, epitomises this powerful medley of skill sets and voices. A blend of electronic, pop, and rap, the track is driven by strong synthesiser sounds and compelling vocals harmonising with one another. Grounded by a steady beat, it is a fun and experimental offering that appeals to fans across genres.

We had the honour of hearing from 5ON5 about the origins of the project, embracing AI, Berlin’s influence, and their newest release.

Stream “Discover”…

And now for the interview…

Who and what influences you in your work?
All members come together from different backgrounds and experiences, which is reflected in their different musical tastes. However, there are a lot of common traits and interest in each other’s music. Together we developed our own style, combined with our different influences.

How did your individual paths lead to you all working together on this project?
Max Koffler has worked on a variety of music in the past and has been a member of several groups and has also been known as a solo artist before. $inan, MaxxB, and Yumin know each other from school and have been making music together since they were 18 years old. The members met through family and friends. After a few meetings, the chemistry was right and we decided to start this project together.

What makes the bond between the four of you work as a group?
In terms of producing the beats, $inan and Max Koffler are the main producers of the group, but also songwriters and singers. MaxxB and Yumin are super talented in songwriting and coming up with new melodies.

Given the age and background differences, how did you find a stylistic approach that works for all of you?
That’s easy to answer because we haven’t figured it out yet. It’s always that we just get together and start working on something. Sometimes one of us already has an idea, and then the others jump on the idea. Intuitive creativity is a great talent of ours.

How would you describe your sound?
All in all, the 5ON5 sound is influenced by the mainstream pop sound but still has an individual touch. It sounds clean and raw at the same time. As if the mainstream and underground sound had a baby together.

How do you think you guys stand out from the crowded industry?
One of our biggest unique selling points is the combination of reality and AI in our visuals. It makes the whole 5ON5 experience much more interesting and exciting. Sound-wise, you can also say that no one else is as catchy and individual as we are.

How did Berlin prove to be the epicentre of your rise?
Well, Berlin is a very special city. A city with so many different cultures. The energy is just different here. We grew up in different parts of Berlin and that also inspired us a lot. That’s why our sound has developed the way it is.

Are there any artists from Berlin that you particularly like and that you think we should keep an eye on?
There are certainly a lot of good artists out there, but to be honest we’re pretty introverted and only focus on our own stuff at the moment. Maybe that will change at some point. So we’re open to collaborating with others. But for now, we’re pretty comfortable where we currently are.

Tell us about the creative process of your latest release, “Discover”?
Originally written on just an acoustic guitar, Max told the story of a woman in love, the guitar riff was then played by a synthesiser, and a full band joined in. Yumin sang the background vocals and the C part, and Maxx recorded some other stuff while in Portugal, of which his mumbled rap skit eventually became part of the song. Van Velvet added some sounds from Spain and Jeson finally mixed the song in Malaysia.

What are you trying to convey with the new track?
In addition to the full band sound, our radio guy fell in love with the acoustic-only version, where fourth member $inan recorded some new choruses, echoes and adlibs, while Maxx re-recorded his vocal parts. This new production without drums is now being mixed and should be released soon.

What does the future hold for 5ON5?
In the future, you will see a lot more of our AI work combined with our own special 5ON5 sound. Definitely new music and also an EP. Stay tuned….


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