From Jorja Smith’s return to Lewis Capaldi’s heartbreaking ballad and the birth of KAYTRAMINÉ, dive into this blockbuster list.

Photoography by Ivor Alice

Photoography by Ivor Alice

Jorja Smith – “Try Me”

Jorja Smith is undoubtedly one of the definitive artists to emerge from the UK in the last ten years. Spellbinding listeners with her incomparable vocal ability, provocative and profound lyrical approach, and striking image. One of the new artists, globally, who are as respected in the rap community as the pop or R&B, the whole scene has been awaiting her return with baited breath – we’ve now finally been blessed. “Try Me” is an illustration of the incredible artistic progression of Smith, with the DAMEDAME produced sonics booming, and bass and drum heavy, laying the foundation for Jorja to do what she does best – stun. It’s the kind of track that is best left to do the talking.

Lewis Capaldi — “Wish You The Best”

Lewis Capaldi’s new single “Wish You The Best”, off of his upcoming album Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent has us in tears. A full-emotion piano anthem with gut-wrenching lyrics about losing a love, hearing about their new life without you in it, and all the things you wish you said. A force of honesty and vulnerability, “Wish You The Best” reminds us just how magical Lewis’ vocals are and how sincere the messages he delivers with them are. If the song isn’t enough to make you cry, its accompanying music video features an elderly man and his dog through the bittersweet cycle of life.

KAYTRAMINÉ ft. Pharell – “4EVA”

We love a good collab, and it doesn’t come much for exciting than this. The grooviest producer of all, KAYTRANADA, has merged his creativity with one of America’s most seamlessly charismatic rappers, AMINÉ for the hybrid project, KAYTRAMINÉ, much to the joy of scores of rap fans. Our first teaser into the upcoming collaborative album from the pair is “4EVA”. The pair waste no time in bringing out the big guns, enlisting the legendary Pharell Williams for vocals and production support. The sparse beat is driven forward by off-kilter, jazz-infused chord pattern, whilst AMINÉ brings out his A game with slicing flows and lyricism that flirts with hilarity and introspection.

5 Seconds of Summer – The Feeling of Falling Upwards (Live From The Royal Albert Hall)

Last year, superband 5 Seconds of Summer took to London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall for a night to remember. From viral, career-defining throwbacks such as “Amnesia”, to cuts from their warmly-received fifth studio album, 5SOS5, attendees were treated to a one-night-only spectacle from the boyband complete with a walk through their musical history, accompanied by an orchestra and gospel choir. But, as with any memorable concert, the post-show lows can be, well, low, as the reality that you will never be able to relive the moments that have just played out sink in. Luckily, 5SOS are offering a remedy to this problem today. Presenting The Feeling of Falling Upwards – Live From the Royal Albert Hall today, fans of the 4-piece are invited to enjoy 17 cuts taken straight from the 2022 concert, including hit “Youngblood” and early tune “Jet Black Heart”, all of which were captured live and now stand immortalised, for your listening pleasure. And, while the news of a newly released tour through 5SOS’s discography, re-imagined like never before, might seem as though it would be the peak of your Friday, the boyband is not stopping there. Announcing a world tour set to commence later this year, it is safe to say that 5SOS are claiming 2023 as their own.

Nemzzz – “Nemzzz Type Beat”


Rising rapper Nemzzz is making his mark on his own terms. Only 19 years old, it feels like the Mancunian has been a pinnacle member of the UK rap community for years. Since breaking through in 2021 with “Elevate”, which captured the imagination of drill and alt rap fans alike, Nemzzz has gone from strength to strength, with his sporadic releases flaunting an improving craft and gaining his name momentum. Now back with his latest slick cut, “Nemzzz Type Beat”, we hear the spitter at his effortless best of a typically energetic and kaleidoscopic instrumental which blends drill tendencies with colour-laden Jersey Club and alt rap intricacies.

Lauren Spencer Smith — “Fantasy (with GAYLE & Em Beihold)”

Lauren Spencer Smith’s new single with GAYLE and Em Beihold is a breathtaking and emotional pop anthem. “Fantasy” gives us goosebumps with Lauren’s booming vocals and chilling depiction of overcoming a toxic relationship. The three artists match each others’ energy and sincerity incredibly, perfectly in sync with one another as their vocals switch off and mesh together. Further displayed through the music video, this track is an epitome of empowerment and truly marks the next generation of female pop powerhouses. The 19-year-old from Vancouver is set to release her debut album this summer and if it’s anything like this single, we’re not ready.

Conducta ft. Novelist – “Get Busy With It”

When it comes to UK garage, not many place higher in the upper echelon than Conducta. A new wave legend of the scene, garage’s second coming owes a large part of its success to the producer, and he’s certainly not finished scripting his own legacy. On “Get Busy With It”, enlists South London grime frontrunner Novelist for a high octane, infectious ride through Conducta’s musical roots and progression. A producer and DJ known for his year for hits, this is the latest example of Conducta’s class and craft.

Lola Lennox — Dreamer

Singer-songwriter and self-proclaimed dreamer, Lola Lennox builds a world with her sound. Her new EP, titled Dreamer and featuring a single of the same name, is a compilation of five tracks that are each standouts. Catchy while introspective and upbeat while emotional, the project brings you into Lola’s world. The single, which reflects on how the dreams of her childhood have impacted her today, embodies nostalgia in all its glory. With a music video that feels like a scrapbook of memories, we can really see where Lola has come from — and even more so, where she’s going.

LAUREL — “Change”

Alt-pop LAUREL releases a new heartfelt electronic pop anthem, “Change” that’s bound to be on all your spring and summer playlists. Following the worldwide success of singles such as “Scream Drive Faster”, she is back and better than ever. Detailing the fear that comes with ending a relationship and the false promises you’ll make to hold on, it combines the brit-pop artist’s strong vocals and reflective lyrics with a steady beat and strong production. The result is an atmospheric masterpiece. Enigmatic, infectious, and free, LAUREL’s first single of the year leaves us wanting more.

Yung Bleu — Love Scars II

Yung Bleu’s new release Love Scars II is the sequel to his 2020 project Love Scars: The 5 Stages Of Emotions with the hit single “You’re Mines Still” that later prompted a collaboration with Drake. Diving even deeper than before, Yung Bleu explores the multitude of layers that come with relationships. Lyrically and sonically, it delves into the feelings that come with being in love. Complex and intricate like its subject matter, the R&B project is a soulful masterpiece from its first track to its last. The songs are reflective, passionate, sensual, vulnerable, and everything in between.

Immi Dash – “Cold Heart”

Fast-rising R&B newcomer Immi Dash continues to flaunt her rich sonic aesthetic across the infectious offering “Cold Heart”. In a hazy, smoky R&B number defined by her soulful vocals over low-key chords and a trippy ‘90s flavoured beat, Dash tells a story of empowerment following a failed relationship, and the strength to overcome hurt by moving on to better things. Brought to life in the moody, night-time music video split into two ‘scenes’, Dash straps on her headphones and takes on the world as an exciting new prospect crashing into wider consciousness.

Dabieh “gracie’s therapy.”

Sleek and melancholic at its core, South-East London innovator Dabieh flexes his hypnotic production approach across “gracie’s therapy.”. He enlists acclaimed vocalist TS Graye whose falsetto range shines with melodic intimacy, creating a dream-like cadence that contrasts with the CLOUD X founder’s moody synths and sharp percussion. The two explore vulnerability and passion with an optimistic approach, solidifying Dabieh’s ability to capture and distil moments through his pensive, atmospheric soundscapes. One of the most significant cultural markers empowering and developing talent in London and beyond, Dabieh is a pioneer in the making – and he’s only just getting started.


The London-born, Turkish-Sri-Lankan musician BODUR signals a new chapter with soaring new single and music video “GORGEOUS”. Marked as an ode for her diaspora daughter, “GORGEOUS” highlights what it means to her to belong to multiple cultures and the beauty and struggles that come with it. BODUR’s use of poetic metaphors “look what you did for your daughters, brown bread, buttered and gorgeous” represent her words of appreciation for her ancestors who broke down berries before her. The Jade O’Belle-directed video is infused with ethereal scenes to perfectly capture an unparalleled aesthetic.

Teflon Sega — “Too Young To Be This Old”

The virtual multiverse creator Teflon Sega has a new single, “Too Young To Be This Old” ahead of his debut album, The Mourning Show. Fully virtual, the artist is free to be as honest and vulnerable as possible without traditional anxieties that come with being a human. This allows him to connect deeply with his fanbase, who see themselves in him while at the same time feel transported to another world. The new single is the epitome of this, a raw display of emotion through lyrics that detail getting the spark back after hard times in a relationship. Paired with a compelling synth beat, and genre-bending sound, “Too Young To Be This Old” increases our excitement for the album release.

Joel Corry — “Do U Want Me Baby?”

The renowned and BRIT-nominated DJ and producer Joel Corry is back from his UK tour and has collaborated with producer Billen Ted on a new single. Titled “Do U Want Me Baby?” and featuring the rising star Elphi, the track is the ultimate dance song and is bound to get stuck in your head for days. A glittery pulse and upbeat synth sound bring the honest, questioning lyrics to life. As his first release of the year, “Do U Want Me Baby?” marks a new wave of music for Joel, and we can’t wait for more of this shimmery, infectious sound.

Cub Sport — “Songs About It”

The four-piece Brisbane-based group Cub Sport’s “Songs About It” is an atmospheric single and standout track on Jesus At The Gay Bar, the band’s fifth album. Absolutely euphoric, it captures the experience of a songwriter: experiencing a moment of bliss and writing an anthem about it so it lives on forever. Piano house meets alt-pop as “Songs About It” lifts us higher into a universe of its own. It is a bright, wide-eyed breath of fresh air that will have you dancing all night. Embodying and perfectly representing the magic of Jesus At The Gay Bar as a whole, it is an instant favourite.

Alessandra — “Queen of Kings (Da Tweekaz x Tungevaag Remix)”

Alessandra has released a new remix of her hit single — and Norway’s entry to Eurovision — “Queen of Kings”. “Queen of Kings (Da Tweekaz x Tungevaag Remix)” exemplifies the confidence, self-assurance, and power of the song’s captivating lyrics while bringing the tempo up to a point where it’s impossible not to dance along. The electrifying, hardstyle remix adds a further level of complexity to the production while still showcasing the singer’s unparalleled vocals that she is known for globally. This version, along with a recent acoustic version of the same song, highlights just how versatile Alessandra is as an artist.

Strandz — “J’adore”

London-based rapper Strandz released a new track, “J’adore”, out today with a music video as well. A highly anticipated song, it’s gone viral on TikTok where Strandz and his girlfriend let their fans into the recording process. Well worth the wait and the hype, the track is pure 2000s-inspired magic. With a mesmerising beat and an infectious hook, it is smooth and strong all at once. Its coinciding music video was shot in Paris (a perfect choice) and adds a further layer of intimacy and chemistry. We can’t wait for more from Strandz!


London-based Ray Laurél collaborates with musician Jeshi on a new track, “DONTLEAVEMYSIDE”, out now. Meshing their individual sounds together, the song is the captivating result of two powerhouses coming together. As Ray’s impeccable vocals and pleading lyrics suggest, the song captures the moment when you know a relationship won’t last — and the fear that comes with losing someone. The release comes ahead of Ray’s new EP, set to release this summer. As always, the artist challenges heteronormative boundaries and gifts us with their creative genre-breaking indie sound. With nods to Ray’s early inspiration of UK’s underground electronic scene in the 2000s, “DONTLEAVEMYSIDE” truly has a sound all of its own.

Conrad Stone – “Moonlight”

For South Wales multi-instrumentalist Conrad Stone, the journey of growth is an everlasting one and channelling this essence into his new sincere single “Moonlight”, the gifted artist pauses to reflect on the life experiences that built him into the character he is today. The electric Sonni-produced track radiates the artist’s deep love for emo-rap coupled with wavy vocal melodies. Well aware that old habits are hard to break the gifted artist uses this single to reflect upon his new-found quest to journey down a different path that he carved for himself. Music lies in Conrad’s bones, from learning piano and becoming a solo acoustic pop punk artist to spitting bars on top of 140BPM on P110 to freestyling at drum n’ bass raves. The artist is no stranger to musical transformation, with his sound now being described as “underdog emo r&b”. Emerging out of Wales as a force to be reckoned with Conrad Stone is establishing a prominent position for himself in the industry with his unique and deeply emotive music.

Sarah Klang – “Mercedes”

Two-time Swedish Grammy winner Sarah Klang is back to bless our eyes with her newest hypnotic single “Mercedes”. Success is something that comes easy for Sarah who boasts three Top 5 albums in her homeland as well as holding the Swedish Grammy for Best Album twice but nothing could’ve prepared the star for the journey of motherhood that stood as a catalyst for her newest musical venture. A beautiful narrative encapsulating her first pregnancy and the birth of her daughter the riveting single is tinged with the star’s personal experiences to which many can relate. The music video directed by Fredrika Eriksson is just as personal as it is beautiful with the video compiled with homemade footage documenting Sarah’s journey into motherhood; beginning with the pregnancy to the baby shower to a flurry of beaming smiles from the new family. Sarah has begun a new chapter in her life and music and we are here for it.

Austin Millz ft. Estelle – “Freeway”

After releasing the successful tracks “Inhale/Exhale” ft Sabrina Claudio, “Gold” ft AlunaGeorge, and “Bad Behaviour” ft Remi Wolf, Harlem-raised producer Austin Millz is back to give us a preview of what we can expect from his long-awaited debut EP Breathwork, with his highly-anticipated track “Freeway” featuring none other than the iconic Estelle. Something special was definitely born in this much-needed collaboration, which finds its way into the visuals of the track directed by Jamel Peters. The video sees the two stars cruising down the streets of Los Angeles and enjoying life to the fullest amongst the soundscape of its upbeat melodious beat dressed with Estelle’s stunning vocals. To say the least, we are all excited for the gifted artist’s debut EP featuring the likes of Justine Skye, Duckwrth and Destin Conrad to name but a few and as we wait for its release we can bask in his feel-good summer anthem “Freeway”.

Nathan Micay – “Fangs”

Adding to his string of acclaimed soundtracks, award-winning BBC drama “Industry” and upcoming post-Trump feature “Reality” starring Sydney Sweeney, the very talented Nathan Micay is back to add the single “Fangs” to the list. When it comes to unique and innovative constructions that is where Nathan thrives as “Fangs” draws inspiration from classic RPGs to present a haunted library record injected with an inter-dimensional core that courses through the track. Diversifying the way, the mesmeric star proves once again why all his creations turn to gold as he embarks on a new musical journey where he no longer gears his music for the clubs. Encouraging creativity in every aspect of the single, the vinyl art designed by LUCKYME® contains an original multiplayer board game. With a flurry of masterpieces under his belt it is no surprise that his newest musical invention follows suit.

Carda – “For The Ride”

Featuring a fresh start and new chapter in his artistic project, “For The Ride” sees Carda boasting a distinctive sound and an emotive approach to songwriting that is sure to have the world in a stir. An intimate blend of electronic and pop “For The Ride” is a song that will inevitability creep its way to the top of the charts very soon. Inviting us into the world of companionship and the role it plays in overcoming struggles, Carda reminds us that we can confide in others.

Valerie & Peter James – “You’re Better”

More often than not it takes a village to create something great and the amazing collaboration between musicians Valerie James, Peter James and Ben Fielding is proof of this. In this beautiful music and religious passage, the pair came to the conclusion that God is always greater than anything we can understand. This stunning epic-pop debut single sees the pair shining in their own way as Valerie’s ever-potent and commanding presence is immersed within the sleek and dreamy spiritual sonic world the gifted musicians so beautifully mastered. Beautifully enchanting “You’re Better” is the perfect remedy to suspend us in immense bliss.


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