The complex emotions behind the synth-pop duo’ new music video.

Photography by MOYAfotografx and Dan Ostergren

Photography by MOYAfotografx and Dan Ostergren

The synth-pop duo, with Milan on guitar and Frank on keyboard, worked with American Idol contestant Isabelle on “Change My Mind”. A standout track on their debut album, Unnoticed, the single exemplifies the genre-bending sound that Moxxy Jones is known for. Combining industrial rock, R&B chords, and Isabelle’s powerful songwriting and vocals, it tells the story of the breakdown of a relationship.

“This song played around with the concept of pretty and ugly, harmony and dissonance, and ultimately love and loss,” Frank shares. “On the one end it became a song with a memorable hook, and on the other, it started to tell the story of knowing a relationship is over and coming to a place of acceptance.”

The music video is a compilation of recording studio shots and atmospheric elements. Clips are transformed with black-and-white comic-style graphic effects, and heavy rain deepens the intense emotion of the video. It brings out the complex themes of the song, evoking feelings of freedom and loneliness, confidence and uncertainty, softness and hardness, all at once. The video ends with a shot of a hammer destroying a clock, leaving us contemplating the idea of time and what it really means to close a chapter. It gives us the confidence and push to start fresh.

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