The folk-pop starlet continues to raise excitement for her upcoming album.

Photography by Kirill Bykanov

Photography by Kirill Bykanov

When it comes to artistic diversity, Calista Garcia is amongst the upper echelons. Her eclectic array of stylistic influences spread across Latin, blues, pop and folk, as she concocts a diverse, expressive and innovative sound that lays the foundation for striking, thoughtful songwriting. Recently, Garcia announced the release of her forthcoming album Confessions, which boasts Grammy Award-winning Jim Scott as its producer. Set for release on 26th May, the project has become increasingly anticipated with every teaser single that the singer-songwriter has unveiled, which each passing cut showcasing a different side to her artistry.

We have now been blessed with the rousing fourth effort from the LP, the poignant new single “Flowers in My Hair”. It’s a song about finding connection when you first meet someone you’re attracted to, the butterflies in your stomach, the excitement of new beginnings. Atop the groove-laden, sentimental instrumental backdrop, Garcia delivers a delicate but endearing performance, serenading the song’s subject with her new-found love. With the song’s release, our excitement for the album has reached capacity!

Speaking on the upcoming album, Garcia says, “I sat with myself for a couple of years during the pandemic, and I felt myself change. I’m now 21, and will be 22 by the time the record is out…there’s a lot of wiring and rewiring during this stage of life. I’ve moved to New York City by myself, I’ve had my heart broken a couple times since the last record, and a lot of strange, beautiful and difficult experiences. I learned that the best way to deal with hardship was to stare it in the eye, then just keep moving. I think the world’s gotten too crazy for music you can’t move to.”

Listen to the single below!

Calista Garcia · Flowers in My Hair