The star reflects on his start in music, his transition from a drummer to a solo artist and his release “The Joke (Is Going Over My Head)”.

With the popular band Magic, and singles like “Inside”, “Same Love” and “Serpent” in Alexander’s arsenal, the inventive artist is now here to take the throne with his newest single “The Joke (Is Going Over My Head)” – a sneak peek of his latest album. Offering truly personal and profound songs, Alexander distils his lyrics with an intimate sentiment coalesced with pure vocals which is surely the reason why we all resonate so deeply with his tracks. His honest rendering of heartbreaks, anguish and explorations of philosophical notions expressed in his electro-inspired tracks anchors Alexander in his own zone of musicality, unlike any other musician.

It has been a few years since Canada-born Alexander emerged in the industry as co-creator and drummer of the band Magic. Braving new waters with his decision to venture into a solo career, Alexander made the decision to trust himself and create music which has inevitably swept through the world like a storm.

A vision of authenticity, the star’s music departs from traditional musical trends with his unique formula of musicality mixed with distinct innovation and boosted by his effortless vocal agility. Approaching a new chapter in his career, the gifted star is gaining much-deserved respect globally and expanding his fan base. Alexander’s progression over the years is a lesson in trusting your intuition and not being afraid to forge your own path. Sitting down with Wonderland, the star reflects on his start in music, his transition from a drummer to a solo artist and his release “The Joke (Is Going Over My Head)”.

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Hey Alexander! How are you today?

Doing well thanks, just freezing in LA right now. I should be able to handle it being from Canada, but I’m weak.

What’s the last thing you thought about last night?

my cats in Toronto. how much i miss them

Who are some artists on your current rotation?
King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard is my favourite band right now. They are incredible. They put out music so fast, I really don’t know how they do it. I also love animals as leaders and Celeste’s song “Strange”. i’m all over the place.

Could you talk us through your start in music?

I started playing music when I was 10. I played guitar for a couple months. I performed “As Long As You Love Me” – by The Backstreet Boys at a recital. But quickly moved to drums. I started playing along to Green Day’s Dookie and anything else I could get my hands on. I played drums in bands all through highschool and when I was 21, I started playing with Justin Nozuka. A canadian singer. We toured together for 6 years. Played festivals all over the world. David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel. And I got a real experience of being on big stages. Around 2010, I started getting into making beats on my laptop and slowly started learning piano and guitar and writing songs. I really wanted to become a music producer, So i decided to move to LA and at the same time met the guys from the band Magic! We started that project together and had an insane run on the back of our song “Rude”. Hit the road again for many years. All the while, I was writing and producing for the band and other artists and started writing my own songs finally and finding my own voice.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote? Did you play it for anyone?
Yes, the first song I ever wrote was called “Turn My Brain On”. I showed it to my girlfriend at the time and she was very proud. It sounded a lot like Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” The lyrics were “when i put my brain on it, I can fly…”

What’s your songwriting process? 

For me, its all about melody. I usually have a melody come into my mind and i will sing it into my voice notes. it comes at random times, sometimes as soon as I wake from a dream, or in the car. I will then pick up a guitar or sit at the piano and put it to chords and mumble nonsense words to the melody. lyrics are always last for me.

You were first put into the spotlight as the drummer and co-creator of the band Magic! How does your approach differ as a solo artist compared to creating as a band?
It’s vastly different because of the nature of the music. it’s a much more personal and cathartic experience. The focus with the band was on the audience and their reception of the music. With my stuff now, its just leaning into my own taste and whatever I’m truly feeling. One big positive I did take away from being with the band was learning how to collaborate and listen. I still love working with others and I did that a bunch of my album. I love working with others and often find the best ideas come from a brainstorm or conversation.

You’ve also produced for some high fliers like Shakira and Mahalia. How do you go about crafting up their vision? Or, do you feed off of each other?
Both of those songs I did with Shakira and Mahalia were features. So they were songs that I had already crafted with Magic! and Justin Nozuka and both women were really into the ideas and joined. In those cases it was so nice to hear their interpretation of the melodies and find a great balance sonically to have them fit on the records. I have found the most success when pitching to bigger artists when I have a well crafted idea prepared and bring it to them, so they can get a clear picture of where it’s headed.

Your first release from your debut album is “The Joke (Is Going Over My Head)”. Why did you choose this one to go first?
It’s one of my personal favourites and I think it represents the place that I am at musically right now. I had such a fun time recording this one. Lots of live off the floor action. We recorded it at Kingsize studios in LA. The strings and the twistiness of the melodies on this one just tickle me the right way.

What do you want people to take away from your debut project?
All I hope is that the things that bring me pleasure musically also bring pleasure to anyone else. I love how music connects people. As a music maker, I feel less alone in the vast indifference of the universe when other people feel what I’m trying to get across through my music. high falutin answer but whatever!

Lastly, what’s on the horizon for you?

I will be releasing a song a month this year. At the end of the year, I will release my whole album on Vinyl. I am currently producing a bunch of different projects and always looking for other projects that excite me. Lastly, I am building a studio in Los Angeles and hope to have great experiences there.


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