Don Toliver, IAMDDB and Krept & Konan head up this week’s bumper edition of Wonderlist.

Photography by Gunner Stahl

Photography by Gunner Stahl

Don Toliver ft. Lil Durk & GloRilla – “Leave The Club”

One of music’s most fluorescent sparks, Don Toliver has once again outdone himself. His sound bridges the gap between numerous styles, such as hip hop, soul, trap and pop, combining a wide range of musical characteristics into a sound that is constantly evolving, compelling, and kaleidoscopic. His new album Love Sick is his most focused yet explorative album yet, with key single “Leave The Club” the epitome of such. Featuring heavy hitters Lil Dirk and GloRilla, the hazy cut is expressive and exciting, with each talent bringing their craft in abundance. Watch out for the enticing sonic twist on the track’s backend!

IAMDDB – “Where Did The Love Go?”

Mancunian-based talent IAMDDB is someone who soars beyond the norm. We’ve been following her emergence closely, witnessing a momentous figure rise in the creative industries, crossing through music, TV and fashion on an effortless journey to acclaim. Musically, she transcends genre, strolling through an effortlessly wide range of genre, flirting with trap, jazz, reggae, soul, and R&B before amalgamating into a sonic bliss that its self-defined as urban jazz. After making serious waves towards the backend of the 10’s, the multi-faced enigma has progressed in every creative sense, searing in her musical individuality. Her first single of the year, “Where Did The Love Go?”, continues to proceed her artistic nuance. Accompanied by a cinematic visual, the track is a ball of energy and elegance, with the garage-infused instrumental providing the foundation for the singer’s to glide across the soundscape with lively flow and gorgeous tones.

Krept & Konan ft. Abra Cadabra – “Dat Way (Remix)”

Over the past few years, remixes have become increasing common in the UK drill scene, with some of the genre’s most successful tracks getting reworked with an all star cast. Rap generals Krept & Konan have spearheaded this; tracks like “I Spy” illustrated the pairs ability to harmonise an often disparate group of artists, and it’s clear that they haven’t lost this talent. With their new remix for “Dat Way” with Abra Cadabra, the duo have brought together perhaps the most impressive collection of rappers to ever grace one track. BackRoad Gee, French Montana, Clavish, Beenie Man, Pa Salieu, Bandokay, Double Lz, DoRoad and K-Trap all bring their unique craft and gusto atop the hard hitting beat, showcasing the wide range of talent that the UK and beyond is currently blessed with. A monstrous effort, “Dat Way” shows that UK rap is very much alive and kicking.

Potter Payper – “Multifaceted”

The king of Road Rap is back; Potter Payper won’t just stop flourishing. Long heralded as a titanic talent, Payper has overcome adversity and strife to become a key player in the UK scene. His ’21 album Thanks For Waiting was a triumphant, game-changing body of work that soared beyond expectations, catapulting Potter ever further into his own artistic stratosphere. After being relatively quiet on the release front last year, the rapper has started this year in barnstorming fashion, swiftly following the thematically nuanced, ominous “Blame Brexit” with this fresh piece of art. Suitably titled “Multifaceted”, Payper flaunts his creativity and versatility; atop a groove-laden instrumental featuring some great choral and piano work, Potter is in startlingly sharp form, bringing meticulous flows and deeply thought-provoking street-tinged lyricism. If he continues in this vein, we expect this to be Potter’s most bountiful year yet.

Silly Boy Blue – “Widow Dreams Forever”

Atmosphere proceeds itself when it comes to Silly Boy Blue. A debut album, entitled Breakup Songs, strove towards creative intricacy, landing the talent on the map, and since then she has been striving closer the genius, amalgamating in this dreamily dark new effort, “Widow Dreams Forever”. Written between Paris, London and LA, the single flaunts the idea that SBB is progressing her sound, hitting new artistic heights with the track. Accompanied by a striking video that features this song as well as previous single “I Don’t Look Good When I Cry”, the cut sees the French native give an enlightened outlook on heartbreak and honesty, with the moody instrumental proving an evoking an intriguing sonic universe for her vocals to explore.

Ivan Ave ft. Children of Zeus – “Inthecut”

A frontrunner in the underground rap landscape, Norwegian rapper Ivan Ave has been building a discography bursting with depth, luxury and craft. His latest release, “Inthecut”, comes alongside the announcement of a fresh body of work, All Season Gear, which is set to be released on 10th March via Oslo-based label Mutual Intentions, and sees Ivan showcase his sonic versatility. Featuring the acclaimed Mancunian hip hop/soul duo Children of Zeus, the creamy cut leans further into an R&B style, which both Ave and CoZ bringing laidback charisma to the smooth palette.

SamRecks – “BACK PACK”

Caught in the midst of a burgeoning scene, SamRecks is evolving into one of the most savvy talents in the UK industry. Having studied the game and worked the industry, Sam hit big across the social stratosphere with his singles last year, with cuts like “Love & Attention” and “Don’t Tell No One” proving a storming success on platforms like Tik Tok. Back with his first single of the year, “BACK PACK”, Sam continues to provide listeners with a slick, entertaining listening experience that borrows from a multitude of stylistic tendencies, resulting in a sound that is seamless, saccharine and full of sauce.

Nat Slater – “My Candy Rain”

We just can’t can’t get enough of the London R&B scene right now. Flourishing like a flower under the guidance of a master grower, petals keep emerging, with the latest delicacy coming in the form of rising star Nat Slater. Ahead of her forthcoming debut EP, Slater has blessed listeners with the release of the garage-infused ethereal single “My Candy Rain”. Infectious to the core, rhythmically and melodically “My Candy Rain” is a contemporary, vibrant cut that just keeps giving; a pre-summer picture of sun-kissed bliss that leads us drooling for more for the spirtely starlet.

NF – “Hope”

Michigan musician NF knows how to hit us in the feels. He recently announced his new album HOPE, the first full length effort since 2019, with his scores of loyal supporters eager to immerse themselves in the next phase of the rapper’s artistic journey. NF has released the title track from the upcoming project, teasing a sound that has blossomed and sharpened since his last body of work. “Hope” is dramatic and cinematic, expertly crafted in its build up to a rousing climatic. NF brings the nuanced delivery and thoughtful lyricism that we have grown to love from him.

JBee – “Heart On Ice”

A revolutionary of the TikTok Drill movement that has invaded the mainstream industry, JBee is a shining light who keeps expanding his musical arsenal. Renowned for his emotional brevity and vibrant energy, hits like “4am” proved incredibly successful for the rapper, driving forward the sub-scene that he has become creatively and commercially integral to. His new single “Heart On Ice” is a further augmentation of the sound, with JBee once again unleashing a narrative full of measured pain and feeling over the skippy, colourful sonic palette.

Liam Fender – “Don’t Follow Me Down”

Liam Fender’s “Don’t Follow Me Down” comes hot off of the heels of his searing debut single “Love Will Conquer”. Listeners immediately lapped up Fender’s understated honesty, and the artist’s follow up bestows us with more of what we love about his burgeoning sound. Hiding “total despair” under layers of bright melodies and punching percussion, the artist declares: “Don’t let its cheery ‘millennial whoop’ con you otherwise.” If it weren’t for the somber, seaside, black-and-white visuals – we might not have picked up on that.

Debbie ft. Lucky Daye – “Is This Real Love”

The remix of “Is This Real Love” sees vocal powerhouse Debbie join forces with the sensational singer Lucky Daye to offer up an intimate emotional portrait – navigating today’s internet-focused dating landscape. Debbie’s vocals carry the track’s heartfelt message, while Daye’s smooth voice is the ying to the former’s yang. Imbuing the song with a male perspective, the sparse but sleek instrumental and hair-raising harmonies make for an utterly transcendent track.

Samfire – “My Potential”

Hailing from London’s concrete jungle, the multi-talented songwriter and producer Samfire blazes into 2023 with a sonically layered new single “My Potential”. The track is jolted into action by hypnotic backing vocals, while Samfire’s utterly soft voice is put to spine-tingling use. Sonic embellishments whiz and whirr, while the track builds, and snowballs into euphoric bliss. Tapping into the surreality of everyday life, the young artist imparts her listeners with a sense of magic; Samfire has certainly put a spell on us.

Kamal. – “Free Flow”

Indie maverick Kamal. drops some heat with the love-drunk hit “Free Flow”. Centred on that visceral feeling when you first meet someone – Kamal. offers up a sonic rush of dopamine. The artist’s vocals hold their own amidst twangy guitars and crescendoing production. Paired with a music video lensed by Tyrus, these extreme emotions are symbolised by a flurry of stick-and-pokes that the artist receives throughout. Instantly relatable yet uniquely vulnerable, Kamal. triumphs.

Ferdous – “Cool Party”

Multi-talented artist Ferdous unveils his debut full-length project “Cool Party”. Experimental in nature, the songs unfurl emotional epiphanies over jittery, synth-heavy beats. It’s hard to place Ferdous’ sound – as the titular track “Cool Party” has the rhythm of R&B but the industrial embellishments that you hear in hyperpop. In “Euphoria (At Night)”, the artist’s soft flow nonetheless grounds the beat – a testimony to Ferdous’ forward-thinking, musical mastery. A mind-bending meld of various genres, this project sees Ferdous carve out a space for himself in the music scene.

Anja Kotar – “Meetcute”

Hailing from Slovenia, nascent star Anja Kotar has been mastering her shimmery, vibrant pop sound with over eight million Spotify streams to prove it. With a knack for romanticising the mundane, Kotar comes back to bite with “Meetcute”. Documenting the thrill of a crush, the track progresses from a pared-back bass guitar into a crescendo of sparkling synths. As if we can feel the butterflies in Kotar’s stomach, the artist imbues our ears with some much-needed magic.

Mike Sabath ft. The Moongirls – “Sexy!”

“Sexy!” follows a string of releases from producer and singer-songwriter Mike Sabath. Making a name for himself with his production chops, the likes of RAYE and Meghan Trainor have employed his standout talent. Now embarking on a solo journey, “Sexy!” is one of the singles put out into the world ahead of Sabath’s upcoming project Being Human. We have to say, “Sexy!” does what it says on the tin. It’s carnal and groovy, with its addictive bass coalescing with Sabath’s voice to conjure up something akin to Prince. If this release is anything to go by, we are anxiously awaiting what’s to come next.

Bianca Baz – “Better”

Born and bred in East London, singer-songwriter Bianca Baz possess some mighty pipes. Likened to revered artists such as Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse, there’s no doubt that Baz’ searing soulfulness leads listeners to make those connections. Baz’s latest offering is “Better” — and ode to self-actualisation, bestowed over sultry, simmering beats. Reflecting on the track the artist says, “If you have hit a brick wall, ‘Better’ shows you how to bounce off it”. Taking inspiration from UK RnB artist Bellah’s genre fluidity, ‘Better’ embodies an AfroPop and R&B genre fusion at production

Ben L’Oncle Soul – Is It You?

Fast-rising trailblazer Ben L’Oncle comes back to bite with fresh new album Is It You?. Soulful and introspective, the project spans out over ten tracks. Whipping up a collection of soft, lilting and layered songs – revered producer’s Scott Jacoby’s engineering chops come in handy. Expertly paced, the album’s acoustic sound lends itself to a sense of intimacy. Clearly we’re not the only ones who are touched, as the artist is currently blazing his way through Europe on tour – imparting his gift to crowds of listeners.


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