Central Cee, Jax Jones and Maluma star in this week’s Wonderlist.

Photography by Jimmy Fontaine

Photography by Jimmy Fontaine

Central Cee – “Me & You”

Refining the way that UK drill music is produced, written and consumed, the revolutionary Central Cee continues in his evolution with “Me & You”. Blessing his scores of supporters with a surprise drop, Central continues to lean into his reflective side following last years “Let Go”. Once again sampling an icon track, this time opting for Donell Jones’ “Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)”, the West London rapper has never sounded so loved up. Professing his feelings to the song’s subject, Cee’s well-crafted pop-drill hybrid continues to sharpen its marketable blade.

Jax Jones ft Calum Scott – “Whistle”

Jax Jones just keeps outdoing himself. The Grammy-nominated producer and DJ has teamed up with budding superstar Calum Scott for club-ready anthem “Whistle”. Brimming with intensity and vitality, the magnetic instrumental is matched by Calum’s show-stopping vocals that explore the idea of giving a lover a second chance; a hotly debated topic, especially with Valentines Day on the horizon.

Bawo – Legitimate Cause

One of the leading voices in the burgeoning UK alternative rap scene, there isn’t many rappers out there with more charisma than Bawo. His new EP, Legitimate Cause, is brimming with cheek-laden one liners and humorous musings, but showcases a poignancy and emotional depth to Bawo’s writing that had previously only been hinted at. This triumphant EP will surely see Bawo moved closer to breaking through into the mainstream.

Piers James – “K.K.O”

Producer, rapper and singer Piers James is climbing the ladder towards stardom. His two A Dying Breed EP’s have flaunted his versatility, charm and natural musical inclination. His new single “K.K.O” is a bundle of energy; a melting pot of genres, the track is driven forward by the vitality of Piers, who rides the indie-infused instrumental with effortless charisma. Mixing old school sensibilities with vibrant production and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, Piers’ latest banger is one for indie and rap heads alike!

GoGo Penguin – “Saturnine”

Immersion is the name of the game on GoGo Penguin’s latest single “Saturnine”. The groundbreaking minimalist trio have been helping reshape the breakbeat scene, evoking emotion and consistently challenging their listeners through musical juxtaposition and intricacy. The second single from their upcoming album Everything Is Going To Be Ok, this teaser signifies the quality and consistency of one of the most exciting groups in the electronic space.

Archy Moor – Bonnie Hill

Dublin’s next biggest breakout star, Archy Moor, has finally blessed us with the release of his debut EP, Bonnie Hill. Expressive, complex and thoughtful, there is an unyielding passion resonating throughout the track list, which unofficially features turns from JGrrey and Litany. Archy emphatically comes into his own as a wordsmith and rapper across the project, unraveling anecdotes of past experiences and pondering self reflection.

Maluma – “La Fórmula”

Colombian pop sensation Maluma joins forces with the legend Marc Anthony to dream up the salsa-tinged hit “La Fórmula”. Taking his icon status to the next level, Maluma transcends the urbano genre. “La Fórmula” translates to ‘The Formula’, which is fitting because this track just knows how to get us going. In true Latin style, Maluma and Anthony pour their heart out over a lost love – with the refrain: “No hay una fórmula para olvidar tus besos/There’s no formula to forget your kisses.” Yet, these brazen trumpets, clacking percussion, and valiant vocals are what we don’t ever want to forget.

daine – “portal”

daine’s latest track “portal” defies genre. A mind-bending mixture of pop-punk, electronic, and metal – daine leads us into their “portal” of scattered sound. A twangy guitar jolts “portal” into action. With blown-out synths akin to 100 gecs, which burst into a breakbeat chorus – daine’s voice holds its own amidst the sonic chaos. Yet, nostalgia simmers under the surface – contrasting the track’s future-facing production. As daine’s most experimental release to date, they did the damn thing.


TYGAPAW emerges as a star amidst the thumping New York music scene with new single “MYSM”. Raw and raring, a low-end heavy kick drives the track’s syncopated percussion – while a sultry vocal refrain proves almost hypnotic. Buried under layers of reverb and autotune, whispers pierce through – surfacing at the top of the song’s searing soundscape. Club-ready in its headiness, “MYSM” is the perfect track to start your night out with a bang.

Pacific Avenue – “Spin Me Like Your Records”

Blazing into 2023, the Australian alt-rock four piece Pacific Avenue release their thrashing new track “Spin Me Like Your Records”. Revelling in invigorating hooks, their signature sound prevails; the lead singer’s vocals riff off of the track’s driving guitars. Accompanied with an equally dazzling music video, Pacific Avenue are dapper as ever in 70s-esque suits. Set to take on festival spots at Lost Paradise and Yours & Owls, 2023 is sure to be a big year for the band.

Bellah Mae – “Drama King”

Bella Mae’s latest single “Drama King” has Gen Z written all over it. Calling to mind the nostalgic but forward-thinking sound of Olivia Rodrigo, Mae spends “Drama King” lamenting a pathetic, melodramatic boyfriend. Turning the notion of a ‘drama queen’ on its head, Mae unfurls a cathartic rejection of a toxic relationship over a pop-tinged, guitar driven hit. The young artist’s defiant vocals play off of the bassline synths, driving the point home that – we have no time for a “Drama King”.

DWN MSS – “Do It Right”

A newcomer in the R&B space, DWN MSS swoons into the public eye with her nostalgia-tinged debut solo single “Do It Right”. Exploring the ups and down and falling in love, it’s a cathartic effort that is rich and organic, bursting with colour and boasting a stunning vocal performance from the soulstress. If you relish a relatable tale of sultry romance, this is almost sure to be your cup of tea!


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