The luxury jewellery label has the ideal fragrance for Valentine’s Day.

There’s nothing like being swept up in a connection. To see yourself in another is a heart-warming sensation, and Tiffany’s &Love fragrances put scent to this feeling.

Putting both Tiffany &Love for Him and Tiffany &Love for Her out into the world, the brand dreamed up an ode to the many ways love is expressed, received, and exchanged. A new venture where dual fragrances are concerned, this output marks the inaugural launch of a men’s fragrance with creative director Reed Krakoff at the helm.

The common thread between each fragrance is blue sequoia. Enticing and woody, it unifies the two scents while paying homage to the iconic, instantly recognisable Tiffany Blue® shade. Tiffany &Love for Her boasts the more floral fragrance of the two. Crafted up by renowned perfumers Honorine Blanc and Marie Salamagne of Firmenich, they infused the scent with invigorating top notes including blue basil. Paired with grapefruit for an aromatic air, a sweet floralness permeates through on a cloud of neroli, while vetiver and cedarwood emanate femininity.

Tiffany &Love for Him is the more citrus-y counterpart. Revered perfumers Sophie Labbé and Nicolas Beaulieu of IFF took the lead on this one, concocting an enchanting blend of ginger, cardamom and mandarin. With a juniper-cypress blend at its core, it was co-distilled through a process exclusively made for Tiffany. Vetiver makes another appearance, this time accompanied by sandalwood. Resulting in a singularly modern fragrance, Tiffany &Love for Him is at once fresh yet warm.

Held in eye-catching bottles, the perfumes echo Tiffany’s heralding of flawless craftsmanship. The cylindrical flacons that hold the liquid shape up to complement one another, while still remaining individuals. Embodying slightly different tints of Tiffany Blue®, each fragrance shines in its own right.

For the Tiffany &Love for Him head here, and for the Tiffany &Love for Her head here

Joana Gauer
Carrie Louise