From celebrating the launch of Raye‘s debut album to nails by London beauty royalty Queens Peckham, and the glimmering skincare of Forest Essentials: here are the current cultural obsessions of the Wonderland team.

Erica – Wonderland Editor

GETTING… Nails at Queens Peckham
Trying to find a nail salon worthy of a visit amidst the hoards of options in London can feel like a hefty task. But fear not, as the search officially ends at Queens Peckham. Located on Rye Lane Market, the salon hosts a group of exceptional creatives who can cater to your every beauty need. Whether you are looking for a hair makeover courtesy of the salon’s founder, Beth Kucic, or a new piercing courtesy of Suckera’s Piercings, the lovely ladies have you covered. My latest trip called for a stop at Cherry Bomb Nails for a set of cat-eye green nails, complete with 3D water droplet detailing, a set that has been stirring up conversations in my day to day. With good vibes in free flow and seamless beauty treatments on offer, I can confirm that Queens Peckham is well worth a visit.

LOVING… Diet Paratha x Bold Steps with Johnnie Walker and Simone Ashley
If you are not familiar with the outstanding work of community platform Diet Paratha, this is your sign to take a look. Spotlighting South Asian excellence in the creative sphere, community founder Anita has been paving the way for creatives such as myself, as well as spotlighting industry mavericks. Most recently, the founder has partnered with whisky brand Johnnie Walker and Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley to launch their Bold Steps initiative. The next step in Diet Paratha’s immense mentoring efforts, the programme focuses on ‘empowering the next generation of talent in creative industries’, with the whisky label offering to reinvent their infamous bottle for an exclusively designed bottle for the winner of a brief, set by Simone Ashley herself. Another bold step in empowering a generation of South Asian creatives, Diet Paratha consolidates itself as a trailblazing platform for South Asian creatives.

Andrew – Man About Town Editor

CELEBRATING… Raye’s My 21st Century Blues
We love a story of vindication and few have as much punch as that of one-of-a-kind talent of Raye. After being signed to a major label for seven years, the pop sensation was unable to release her debut album until today when the deftly crafted masterpiece My 21st Century Blues hit streaming services from the now-independent star. And, last night Spotify threw the ultimate exclusive bash to celebrate the long-awaited milestone in the chart-topping star’s career and myself and my trusty Art Director companion Aparna were lucky enough to attend. Now I’m just fending off any feelings of post-party comedown by streaming the record on repeat, and if the reaction it’s received in its debut few hours is anything to go by, it would appear I’m not the only one.

DRINKING… Seventy One Gin x TRUDON
My outlook on gin metamorphosed this week when I tried the exquisite new release from uber-premium gin extraordinaire Seventy-One. Teaming up with heritage candlemaker brand Trudon (est. 1643) the pair’s collaboration epitomises luxury, pushing boundaries and expanding the possibilities of the drink gifting sphere. The bottle itself is something to behold, with its sublime perfume-esque design transporting you straight to a place of unadulaterated refinement upon merely setting one’s eyes on it. Then the liquid itself captures your full attention, with the amber-hued gin with the intricate scent of Ernesto’s enigmatic notes of tobacco and leather intertwining mesmerisingly with the heady, floral notes of Seventy-One. Best enjoyed on the rocks or as part of one of the brand’s sumptuous cocktail recipes – matching this alcoholic beverage is a challenge I doubt I’ll be conquering soon.

WEARING… Bvlgari Le Gemme Azaran
The hold Bvlgari’s Le Gemme Orom has had on me since I first acquired a bottle towards the end of last year has simply grown tighter as I consistently reach for it as my definitive fragrance for any event or outing that demands that element of luxury. So, laying my hands on the latest release in the Le Gemme range has only augmented my adoration for the house’s expertise in crafting olfactory heaven. All scents in the range take inspiration from one distinct gemstone, in the latest, it’s Azaran, a form of quartz, which elevates a curiosity with nature in a woody eau de perfume. With an intoxicating blend encompassing notes of leather, rare saffron and entrancing cedarwood, the product certainly doesn’t smell like anything else taking up space on the dressing table. In case anyone’s wondering, I will be exclusively alternating between my two Le Gemme treasures for the foreseeable.

Aparna – Art Director

GLIMMERING… in Forest Essentials’
In particular, the brand’s illuminating body oil. I have decided to embody a fizzled-out firecracker to mark the end of a not-so-dry Jan with a body oil that tricks me into thinking I’ve just gotten out of the spa. Shield your eyes if you don’t want to be blinded – my skin is about to catch the (sparse) sunlight like never before!

EYEING… Pikol Clothing
Specifically, their new drop which comes out on Feb 3rd. Currently gaslighting and gatekeeping this account from my sister until I can get my hands on one of these tablecloth garms first.

DRINKING… Machi Machi’s Green milk tea
I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in Chinatown lately and have come to realise how much I’ve missed the delicate taste of Jasmine and happiness in this drink. (Pro tip: If you’re aching to feel like Ratatouille’s Remy when he ate the cheese and grape together, pair this tea with a strawberry shortcake from Sakurado, which is just across the road.)

THINKING… of Loewe x Howl’s Moving Castle collab
Two more days until the grand reveal and that fateful day will decide if I’ll have enough dough left to pay my rent this month.


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