The four-time latin GRAMMY nominee is joined by the legendary Daddy Yankee as he releases a fresh blend of colourfulreggaeton, dancehall and considered lyrcism.

Step into the colourful world of Myke Towers as he takes us on a journey with his newest release, “ULALA” featuring none other than the legendary Daddy Yankee. As a four-time Latin GRAMMY nominee, Myke continues to impress with his unique blend of reggaeton, dancehall, and exceptional lyrical capabilities.

Accompanied by a dynamic and explosive video directed by Mike Ho, “ULALA” showcases Myke’s versatility as an artist and performer over an infectious melody. This marks a departure from some of his grittier, trap-heavy hits, and is the third collaboration between the two Puerto Rican powerhouses. Written by Myke and Daddy Yankee and produced by Play-n-Skillz, “ULALA” was recorded primarily in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the video was shot on the beaches of Miami Beach.
As a worldwide known and universal expression, “ULALA” promises to be an upcoming global hit that will conquer new audiences and dance floors on an international level. Myke notes, “ULALA” was a unique experience because it is the first song that is my release and in which Daddy Yankee collaborates and also my first time working with Play-n-Skillz. The intention was to create a global song and no one was better than the great Daddy Yankee to achieve it.”
As one of Puerto Rico’s most potent lyricists, Myke has become known for balancing street narratives and commercial compositions with impressive dexterity. He is an OG of Latin trap, launching his career in 2013 alongside young visionaries like Alvaro Diaz and Fuete Billete, who rescue the irreverence and viscerality of classic reggaeton and giving it a fresh twist inspired by Atlanta trap. With hits such as “La Curiosidad” and “Bandido,” the Young King has become one of the most recognized artists of the urban movement.

In 2016 he presented his first mixtape El Final del Principio, a work full of autobiographical lyrics and a boom bap sound that invokes classic rap. 3 years later, his efforts lead him to collaborate with Farruko on the hit “Si Se Da,” reuniting again the following year for the remix of “La Playa,” which would also feature a verse from Maluma. In 2020, Towers released Easy Money Baby, an album that expands his sonic ambitions by embracing rhythms such as reggaeton, dancehall, and baile funk on hits like “Diosa” and “Girl”. That same year, collaborations with Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam, Camila Cabello, Becky G and Anitta consecrate him as one of the stalwarts of mainstream reggaeton, but his heart leads him back to the cutting and accurate rhyme. Lyke Mike arrives on platforms in 2021; an introspective rap album loaded with powerful trap and drill beats. Songs like “Mírenme Ahora” and “Pin Pin” demonstrate Towers’ maturity and evolution, holding on to his artistry and complex narratives without relying exclusively on catchy choruses. In recent months, Myke Towers has been working on new music for his upcoming album to be released this year.

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Hey Myke, how are you? Where are we speaking to you from?
I’m doing well! I’m currently in New York City. I’m performing my latest single “ULALA” on Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America!

How did growing up in Puerto Rico shape your musical identity?
Puerto Rico shaped my musical identity and my flow. It gave me the voice and the power to become the voice of the youth and younger generations. I am the product of the environment of my island. 

How does the process of collaboration compare to when you create music alone? 
It’s very different. When you’re alone, you can do whatever you’re into, but when you’re sharing ideas, sometimes you gotta go with the flow. You can contribute ideas but you always gotta meet halfway.

Are there any experiences that have had a particularly strong influence on your music? 
My music is more an expression of relief of what I go through. I started making music as an escape from my daily life situations. I learned to release my stress by doing music.

Are there any particular themes you explore in your work? 
Daily and mundane experiences of life. The ups and downs. The theme is to do a lot, with very little.

What have been your standout moments in the past year? 
My first headline show in Puerto Rico at the Choliseo in September 2022.  

What advice would you offer to aspiring musicians starting out in the music industry?
My advice is to study what there is in the moment musically to find a void and do something that does not exist yet or hasn’t been done before. Also, be yourself and be authentic at all times, but be open to constructive criticism.

Do you think artists have a responsibility to address social issues?
I don’t know if it is a full responsibility but certainly a duty. Artists are cultural influences for our society.

What would be the best way to describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before? 
Unpredictable. Fresh. Inspirational.

Are there any other creative mediums that you draw inspiration from? 
Watching the work ethic of athletes inspires me.

What do you want people to take away from your music? 
If I can do it, just like I was a fan of some of the biggest artists back in the day, they can also do it. Keep working hard.

Lastly, what’s next for you?
A lot of music, maybe another album, a US tour, festivals and shows in Europe and Latin America. I want to dip into the fashion world and work with brands I love. 2023 is going to be a big year for me!  


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