Re-writing retail therapy, the brand unveils its one-of-a-kind marketplace and media platform.

“This isn’t wellness, it’s wooness” is the tagline of the unparalleled space that Woo has carved out for itself. Prioritising self care and feeling good, which is of utmost importance these days, Woo has crafted up both a marketplace and media platform to sedate the whirring anxiety that this generation often faces. Whether it be through entertainment, and storytelling – or through products, Woo’s aim is to resonate with the culture, and put wellness at the forefront of our minds.

It’s super easy to get swept up in hustle culture, feeling the need to always be moving forward and achieving more. This leads us to see self care as a luxury rather than a priority. Woo wants to change that by creating space in your life for joy and care; we’re here for it! Whether you’re looking for CBD products, skincare, or sex toys – Woo offers up a whole host of ways to wind down. Its carefully curated collections span beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and homeware – wherein cult faves like Nordic Poetry, and labels like Aaron Wallace are all up for grabs.

On the media side of things, Woo didn’t come to play. Dealing with hard-hitting topics that speak to Gen Z – Woo adds a valuable voice to the conversation. Whether it be mental health, physical wellbeing, or generally shied-away from social taboos, nothing is off the table. The antithesis of the doom-filled news cycle, Woo’s media platform has global connection at the forefront of. Spreading itself across video, editorial, audio and social mediums – Woo brings people together, while catalysing cultural impact.

Having just launched its media platform at the end of last year, this igniting energy is exactly what we need to propel us into 2023. In today’s digital landscape, it’s easy to lose sight of what makes us feel good, and also how to move the culture forward. Woo is the one-stop-shop to remedy all of that, and we’re definitely coming along for the ride.

To visit Woo’s marketplace and media platform, head here