The LA-based multi-instrumentalist turns it out with sparkling new album.

Hailing from sun-soaked Los Angeles, Brenda Carsey’s music is like an oasis in the desert. Cultivating her craft from the tender age of five, Carsey has mastered her hand at genres spanning from hip hop, and jazz, to folk and electronic. Her oeuvre now could be described as progressive pop, at once soulful yet playful. Now, she’s unleashed her hotly-anticipated new album, Cognizance, and it’s a searing triumph.

Cognizance is every bit as eye-opening as its title suggests. Stretching out in 13 tracks, the entire album was produced, composed, and co-mixed by Carsey herself. Thematic layers of growth, mental health, love, and isolation unfurl over the album’s focused, soulful instrumentals. Wielding a stellar lineup of musical contributors, like Kyle Crane on drums, Nick Campbell on bass, Michael Day on guitar, and David Otis on alto saxophone – what results is a joining of forces, who crafted up an unparalleled piece of work.

The opening track, “Just Trying To Do My Thing”, is a bold start. Hearty pianos pave the way for Carsey’s defiant voice, as the lyrics see her stay strong in the face of sell-out culture. Other tracks, like “Unfortunate Men”, are more melancholically-tinged, with Carsey lamenting the perils of navigating the music industry as a woman. The concluding “Life Can Be A Bitch” ends the album in a blaze, as uplifting, and life-affirming lyrics couple up with bright and vibrant production. Reflecting on this body of work, Carsey says: “This album is the best quality album I have created to date…I wanted to push myself sonically beyond anything I have ever created and reach into the depths of my soul to bring to life art with a message through music that keeps the mind guessing and the heart happy!”

With headlining shows at Moroccan Lounge and The Hotel Cafe in her native LA, as well as extensive tours throughout Western United States already under her belt – there’s no telling where Carsey might end up. It’s anyone’s guess, but if Cognizance is anything to go by – she’s set for the sights.

Head below to check out Brenda Carsey’s new album “Cognizance”…

Brenda Carsey · Cognizance