The emerging pop singer is making her way in the music industry with her playful visuals and powerful lyrical content.

Ellie Moon BAD TV
Ellie Moon BAD TV

Emerging alt-pop singer Ellie Moon is making her way in the music industry both with her electrifying live performances and her powerful lyrical content. With her unique brand of alternative pop, her singles “Internet Love” and “Don’t Date Me” demonstrated her aptitude for creating thought-provoking and memorable music. With her raw talent and knack for captivating lyrics, Moon is sure to be a lasting presence in the music industry.

Her latest single “Bad TV” is a disarming electro-pop bop, packed with sharp sass and cleverly crafted lyricism. It is an anthem for not taking life too seriously, and for embracing yourself for who you are. With its bubbly bass lines and captivating production, it is sure to put listeners in a good mood as soon as it starts playing. Moon’s voice is both powerful and vulnerable, making the track instantly relatable and catchy. The chorus of the song soars with a 00s pop-inspired hook that will stay in your head long after the song has finished – catch us adding it to our next getting-ready playlist.

Head below to find out more…

Hey Ellie, how are you doing today?
Hey! I’m doing super well thanks – it’s absolutely freezing in London right now but I will take literally ANY excuse to pull out all my crazy cosy vintage coats … silver linings I suppose!!

Congrats on “Bad TV”, the video is amazing! What inspired the visuals?
Oh, thank you so much! I had so much fun coming up with the concept for this one. I wanted to enhance that feeling I think a lot of artists have experienced over lockdown – your whole creative world is limited to you in your bedroom… It seemed fitting for this track, as it was my favourite one we wrote in lockdown, to have it set in a miniature room that was representative of all the creativity that was happening in peoples rooms at home during that time.

I also wanted the video to have this Alice In Wonderland type of feel to it – super trippy. Me being really big and disproportionate to represent ideas growing out of being isolated – it looks like I’m almost ready to jump out of the screen!

How do you approach making a music video? Does the track always come first?
Yes, the track always comes first! Whenever I’m in the “creative process” I can always see things visually in my head, so when I’m writing the songs and actually making the music I can always imagine what the end product will look like. This obviously changes shape and direction during the process but for “Bad TV” I always knew I wanted to set the music video in that tiny room!

Do you have any favourite ‘Bad TV’?
Absolutely, I feel like all I ever watch is ‘Bad TV’! I have so many rubbish shows that I love to watch. My current rotation consists solely of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because, of course, I live for the drama!

You’ve talked about the setting being like a 2000s bedroom – was your bedroom like this?
I wish! I was way too young in the 2000s to actually have a conscious sense of interior style, ha! The inspiration for the room in the video was actually based on what I dreamt my room would look like as a teenager – a miniature version of the “cool girl” bedrooms I saw all the teen superstars had in my favourite TV shows growing up (Lizzie Maguire was my literal idol!!). We wanted the set to look like it fell straight out of a y2k teen magazine and I think we got pretty close, if I do say so myself.

You were born in Liverpool but raised in Madrid, do you think this influenced you creatively?
Oh my god, one hundred percent! Madrid was surprisingly very culturally different to what I’d been exposed to in the UK and living out the majority of my teenage years in Spain I resided in the deep dark depths of Tumblr, the breeding ground of the golden age of indie! I was at that critical age of 13/14 where you start to develop your own identity and tastes and mine consisted of the kings and queens themselves: Marina and The Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, etc. Along with all the striped tees, Doc Martens and winged eyeliner of course! Maybe it’s time I bring that look back given the Tumblr renaissance that’s happening on TikTok right now…

You seem to find fun in the everyday, how do you do this?
I think it’s necessary to find the light and silliness in things, especially nowadays. We are so chronically exposed to the in’s and outs of other people’s lives. Like, if you think about it, we know way more about the lives of strangers on the internet than we do people we know in real life!!! I get so hung up on trying to present this perfect image of myself on social media that I forget I’m human. I know it sounds so cringe but life and humans are inherently imperfect after all, and I think we need to remember that sometimes. That’s what inspires me to create and write songs!

You talk about not wanting to grow up. Do you have any advice for your younger self?
I don’t think anyone really wants to grow up, and why should we? Being an adult is HARD! One thing I wish I could tell my younger self, especially teenage Ellie Moon, is to not grow up too fast because keeping that sense of excitement for life you have when you’re younger is so important! You will find yourself when you’re meant to – so don’t worry so much about how others view you (especially boys!!), spend time with the people who make you feel most yourself and do all the things that charge your hunger for life! Not gonna lie, that is some great advice and I should probably still take it now haha!

What do you think she would think about your life now?
If I’m honest, I think she would think it’s iconic. Living my best life with the people I love in London, which is literally one of the BEST cities in the world, and getting to work with people you grew up idolising and creating amazing things with your besties, who are literally the coolest people ever!! There is also a huge possibility that she will be slightly heartbroken and disappointed in the fact that we aren’t dating Harry Styles… But you win some, you lose some.

You talk about a disillusioned generation, wow do you manage to stay creative despite this?
I just take all those little feelings that gnaw away at you and channel them into my music. Making something you think is beautiful out of something (may that be a feeling, a situation, a falling out with a friend, a breakup or whatever) that doesn’t make you feel quite so beautiful in the moment. I think this is really similar for most artists, you make your best work when your feelings are super strong and overwhelming even!

You wrote the track during the pandemic when everyone was stuck at home, do you think boredom can breed creativity?
Oh definitely, I think boredom is an essential part of the creative process! Just letting myself sit and be with my thoughts and manifesting ideas is actually the most crucial step when it comes to conceptualising any project I do!

I also think, in terms of the pandemic, being detached from the outside world and existing in our own little bubbles for such an extended period of time is insanely unique and something that most likely won’t happen again in our lifetimes. It definitely changed my perception on a lot of things – not only my creativity and music but also myself. I think we would all be completely different people if the pandemic had never happened – isn’t that crazy to think about?

What’s next on the agenda?
Well, I do have a few little ongoing projects happening and lots and lots of plans for the new year – more new music is on the horizon! I can’t wait!!


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