Brockhampton, Nia Archives, and Rebecca Black blaze the way for this week’s Wonderlist.


The US-based rap collective, BROCKHAMPTON, go out in a blaze with this new music video off of their surprise drop TM. You thought they were just gonna be done? You thought wrong! To heaps of fans’ amazement – BROCKHAMPTON decided they wanted one final mic drop, and “New Shoes” is downright infectious. An addictive guitar sample underpins the group’s domineering flow, while a booming bass has us considering buying a lowrider just to blast this in. Embellished with spellbinding synths, we may be sad that the group is being dismantled – but at least they’ve gone out with a bang.

Celine Love – “Silver Lining”

Following her debut EP, “Aquarius SZN”, which was released to critical acclaim – up-and-coming artist Celine Love proves that she’s a mainstay of the London music scene with this hard-hitting new single. Weaving together R&B and electro-pop elements, what results is a truly stirring ode to ‘the one that got away.’ Love’s smooth, honey-like voice is accompanied by lilting guitars; voice samples are worked into the track as if instruments themselves. Coupled with a similarly hazy, intimate music video – the heartfelt core of “Silver Lining” is brought to the surface. With nods from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Love’s vulnerability and sensitive approach to songwriting without a doubt sets her apart from the rest.

Manga Saint Hilaire – “Run For Your Life”

One of London’s trailblazing MCs, Manga Saint Hilaire, got his start amongst Wiley and DJ Target in the grassroots Grime collective, Roll Deep. His new album harks back to his humble beginnings with its nostalgic, gritty feel. Oscillating between features from Grime hot shots like D Double E, Capo Lee, and P Money – Run For Your Life is a feat of artistic excellence. A booming bass underpins Saint Hilaire’s commanding flow, opening the listener up to his witty wordplay. We were blown away by the sheer musical fortitude Saint Hilaire demonstrates with this record, and it serves as a stark reminder to never keep still. The artist reflects, “Run For Your Life is a reminder to keep moving because forward is the only way to survive. Run towards your goals, move on from things that are holding you back! I hope it can help people remind themselves of who they are and who they can become.”

Wesley Joseph – “MONSOON”

Multihyphenate Wesley Joseph’s new single is a pure gem. Coupled with an equally ethereal, insanely otherworldly music video – hearing “MONSOON” for the first time felt like a dream. Joseph’s flow is masterful, and intentional – allowing the listener to get lost in the track’s spellbinding depth of harmonies and soaring guitars. Each chorus erupts into descending synths and goosebump-inducing vocals; quite simply, no one is doing it like Joseph. No doubt a creative visionary, we feel blessed to witness his artistic excellence – and if this track is anything to go by, it won’t be long until he’s the talk of the town. There’s only so much we can say about this release, as you’ll just have to experience it yourself.

Rebecca Black – “Crumbs”

Rebecca Black was thrust into stardom with the viral song “Friday” in 2011. Although that mis-step garnered a slew of unwanted attention for Black as a young girl, her latest music ventures have proved that she’s able to transcend the box that many have tried to put her in. “Crumbs” is pure euphoria; infused with a darker, moodier Y2K pop vibe, the track’s industrial embellishments really bring it over the edge. Accompanied by similarly sultry, futuristic visuals – Black has not come to play. About the track’s themes she reflects, “As I enter this new moment, I wanted to explore the vulnerability I’ve felt in finding balance with submission, dominance, and sexuality. I’ve had to dive into my own body to feel the deeply powerful but also dangerous feelings of relinquishing control”. And, with an EP on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what she cooks up next.

Lewis Thompson – “Enchanté”

Hitmaker Lewis Thompson graces us with an infectious new single, along with vocal powerhouse Clementine Douglas. Over the years, Thompson has cemented himself as a mainstay within the UK Dance scene with his knack for dreaming up earworm melodies and addictive drops. With his repertoire of songs having amassed over 10 billion streams already, this new track is more fuel for the already blazing fire. Collaborating with the likes of David Guetta, and Becky Hill – there’s no sign of Thompson slowing down; we’re not mad about that one bit.

Ashley Singh – “Autopilot”

Have you ever felt like you just can’t shake the thought of someone? Newcomer Ashley Singh’s new single “Autopilot” is a heart wrenching foray into that headspace. The Hackney-hailing singer-songwriter channels his frustration with going through a heartbreak into a grounded, intentional piano and poignant, crooning vocals. Released as part of his new EP, “Between Love and Lonely”, “Autopilot” is coupled with an equally stirring music video. Singh moves throughout the video as if he were invisible, letting life pass by without him. We can certainly relate to this enduring feeling, and this kind of vulnerability is what we want to see more of in the world.

Eden Hunter – “You Don’t Have To Save The World”

Pop starlet Eden Hunter graces us with this self-empowering anthem ahead of her sold-out headline show at Colours, Hoxton. Bringing to mind the addictive electro stylings of Charli XCX and Robyn, the up-and-coming artist has successfully carved out a space for herself in the UK music scene. Synthpop meets rock-pop in this blazing new single, and her impactful vocals are the cherry on top of this relatable, self-assured hit. About the song’s message Hunter reflects, “This song came at a time where I was particularly struggling to keep my head above water. In today’s inescapable world of social media, it can sometimes feel like others seem to be doing much better than you. It can be easy to forget that the smallest of things can be our own achievements.” Ain’t that the truth?

SEEB – “Would You Lie”

Dance music duo SEEB dazzle us with this sparkling new release. Hailing from Norway, there’s clearly something in the water over there as this track has us breaking the replay button. Masters of Tropical House, this new track builds upon the sheer musical fortitude that the pair has demonstrated time and time again. Shimmering synths palpitate from ear to ear, while the track’s impactful vocals draw you in just in time for its euphoric drop. The perfect high-energy accompaniment to a pres before heading out on the town, once again SEEB hit it out of the park.

P. Priime – “Duro”

“Duro” is undoubtedly the standout track of OOO: AFRO, a compilation album unleashed by Out Of Order – an offshoot of the illustrious Warner Music label. Being the label’s inaugural compilation – no holds were barred in shaping together this explosive hit of an album. Featuring a “divinely eclectic” range of pulsing Afrobeats and groove-inducing Ampiano – the tracks are infused with electro-pop elements, further bringing to the surface their dance quality. In “Duro”, Moelego’s sizzling pipes accompany P. Priime’s masterful production, and the two play off of each other in a feat of carnal, body-moving madness. What’s not to love?

Nia Archives – “So Tell Me…”

Nia Archives is the name on everyone’s lips at the minute. Famed for her addictive jungle breaks and spellbinding DJ sets – Archives has a knack for dreaming up pure tunes. Spearheading the jungle renaissance happening in the UK music scene right now, the rising star offers up a mellow, balmy new track to get us through the sudden onset of harsh weather. The track’s crooning vocals detail the perils of punch-drunk love, which are coupled with an equally heartfelt, sweeping music video. Co-directed by Archives herself, the young powerhouse had a very clear vision: “It was really important to me from the jump to be casting POC main characters in this story. We also ended up casting non actors to get a more natural chemistry – it’s a real couple who live together in real life and their friends too!” Archives is on everyone’s radar right now; there’s no sign of her slowing down.

Lo5ive – “Fahrenheit”

The Manchester-based live wire, Lo5ive, unleashes this euphoric dance track – accompanied by a set of spellbinding visuals. Fusing together breakbeat with a DnB flair, “Fahrenheit” embodies all the elements of a classic rave tune – which is sure to be a staple on your partying playlist. Joining forces with underground mainstays Jakwob and T Williams, the three maestros made magic. Its music video, shot stylistically with a Go-Pro, envelops the viewer into a raver’s haze – and we feel inebriated just watching it. About the track’s shaping together, Lo5ive notes, “As soon as the ball was rolling in the studio, it was just a case of sifting through the ideas and seeing what arrangement worked. It has a slight melancholic vibe; it’s an emotional closing time tune, capturing the bittersweet feeling that comes at the end of the rave.” This is a tune we never want to end.

NOISY – “Alligator”

This latest release from the electronic trio, NOISY, quite simply feels like a shot of adrenaline. Its huge breaks and hard hooks are invigorating, and its Prodigy-inspired sound is no coincidence. Written on a trip to The Prodigy’s hometown, Braintree, the trio dreamed up the perfect homage to the band’s seminal sound. The track’s motif, the alligator, is drawn from singer Cody’s recurring childhood dream: “I used to have a recurring nightmare as a kid that an alligator was trying to eat me so that’s where the lyrics came from. It was also the perfect excuse to get a real life alligator in a music video which was mad.” The track’s accompanying visuals are just as high-energy as the song, imbuing the viewer with a sense of euphoric tenacity. NOISY is no doubt one to watch.


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